Saturday, February 23, 2013

Late Night TV

A very unusual thing happen to me a week or so ago. An acute case of laryngitis overtook me, sending me into 4 days of total vocal rest. I have no doubt I brought this on myself with a lack of sleep the week before, as well as spending a good deal of time with folks in various levels of being sick in the weeks before.

Im not used to be down and spending long periods in rest or bed.

The first day, I spent reading Deepak Chopra's "Jesus," a Christmas gift. Already a fan of most of his work, I rabidly dove into this book, finishing it that evening. Well written and full of insight, I was almost glad to have been down on vocal rest that day.

The next day, I went back to the book I have been reading since the holidays as well, "How Quantum Activism can Save Civilization." This book is far more dense than the Jesus book, and the first half of the book is spent in teaching the basics of quantum physics. So there was a learning curve. Infinitely interesting, just a little more slow to swim through.

And I took a break in turning on the television.

Which is rare, in general.

My hopes were to find an unending rerun of the Finding Bigfoot show. I have no idea why this show fascinates me. It's absurd. Every episode is basically the same. If they were to find empirical evidence of the existence of Bigfoot, the news would have been all over the place, so you know how it all ends. But I still watch on. Now, I have nothing against Bigfoot, and actually have no problem believing in its existence.

Believing is better than not. I believe in everything. Why limit possibilities?

It's amazing, but quantum physics is everywhere!  

Alas, the show was not on, but I found a few shows every now and then I found enjoyable enough to watch. This same situation happened the next evening as well. As the clock ticked later, I began to notice something interesting.

The commercials.

They were full of ads for pills.

Interspersed with fast food meat ads.

Every break was nearly the same.

McDonalds. Heart pills. Viagra. Burger King. Allergy pills. Diabetes pills. Rallys. Pills to make you not so depressed.

I am wondering if any of the other viewers are seeing this cycle. If they are realizing the cycle of cause and effect spinning round and round.

Each pill ad had a good half of it rattling off all the side effects, which nearly all included things like heart attack, stroke, blindness, and death.

How stuck we and how programmed we are as a society that taking a pill for the rest of your life that could lead you to some extra horrible death is a less radical idea than broccoli and other veggies playing a larger role in your diet?

Advertising for products are mostly pushing things we don't need. If you needed it, it wouldn't need to be advertised. Water and air aren't advertised. Nor are apples, bananas, beans, etc. But all this manufactured, processed toxic stuff is advertised incessantly. I am reminded of people who don't like to have vegans push their ideas upon them. Yet, TV pushes this agenda upon everyone who turns it on.

And more so on late night TV.

The cycle of fast food commercials and pills ads was sad and beyond belief. I don't think I have ever seen such a great cause and effect series.

I would love to see some side effects posted by fruit in the grocery:
Caution! May cause healthy functioning of the body. May increase energy. May cause healthy weight loss. May lead to less doctors visits and less need of other pills. May lead to prolonged feelings of joy and Love.

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