Monday, February 11, 2013


I've been asked to be a Vegan Mentor.

And I'm quite honored.

When I ventured down this path 6 years ago, there was only the internet to help me. My girlfriend and I were the only people I knew who were vegan, and I didn't even know any vegetarians. In fact, food was such a small thought in my life until that point. We would spend hours discussing what we wanted, chicken or hamburger, or fish. But other than that, food never played a conscious role in my, nor any of my friends' lives.

Until my father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

And I began to realize that the ancient adage, you are what you eat, had some serious merit to it.

The things we ingest have consequences.

My family is small, with regular contact consisting mainly of my mom and aunt, and they were both very supportive.

One year before going vegan, I distinctly remember asking my mom how to use the stove to warm up soup from a can. Home cooked was not really something my family did much of, certainly not much "from scratch."

So, one of the big first steps I had was to learn about cooking. My girlfriend at the time taught me a lot about cooking, spicing, and we got some great cookbooks, which really helped. Before long, a startling discovery was made ... Cooking was something fun! Rock some good music and dance and make food. What part of that wouldn't make for a good evening?

A little Michael Jackson and an eggplant marinara!


So, now I am part of this community of vegan mentors. Folks who are happy to answer questions, give suggestions, point folks to good web resources, show you around the grocery store. All to help someone's transition into an ethical, healthful, and peaceful way of living.

Send me your questions. I'm happy to help.


  1. We used to have to really search to find good recipes. And find the answers to things like how do you cook tofu? What is Seitan? And how do you cook it so it doesn't expand and catch on fire in the toaster oven...

    I entered this path from the "health" entrance and didn't really think much about the ethics for a while. Not until delving deep into Gandhi, and soaking up the World Peace Diet. Good discussions about where to get vegan clothes and other products were lacking.

    But now there are many great communities. Online, you can get a good deal of answers. This mentor program really helps to take away that scariness of being alone in a large life change.

    You are not alone. There is always help. There is always a loving friend who will do everything they can to be there for you.

    It is our duty, those of us on the edge of a peaceful revolution. Love becomes the conscious way of life when we say it does. when we create it. When we live it.

    We are walking the road together. and that's a beautiful thing.

  2. I must be fragmented today. Lots of thoughts come in after I hit "publish."

    One thing to keep in mind, life is not a simple a to b route. Things happen in spurts and fits. Steps backwards are sometimes taken.

    We are not expected to be perfect, just to keep perusing truth, to keep following peace, even when it seems far away, and even when your path seems to veer.