Thursday, February 18, 2010


Time moves. It slides, skips, blasts on. It runs, it walks, it sulks. It slowly climbs up the slide ladder at night and swooshes down the slide in the day.

And you wake up 4 years later.

I have tons of memories of my father. Many are simple snapshots. Like a slideshow. Walking down the street at night. Standing by a horse pasture when I was teeny that he used to take me to all the time. Coaching the flag football team i was on when i was 5. Playing basketball with him in the backyard. Him sitting at the sound board, a huge smile on his face. Or a grimmace of intent as he ever-dialed in the frequencies and mix.

And I smile. The many blessings of having these great and small moments.

And i also see him, a virtual skeleton, sunken and unimaginably fraile sitting in the chair. Or lying in the hospital. Or being wheeled into an ambulance. Or doubled over in pain coming home from the radiologist.

As much Id love to have those memories vanish. They wont. And are sometimes more prevailant, more immediate.

But hard as they are, I cant say that I would really want to lose those images.

Those images, those moments have fueled a fire in me I'd never had previously. They remind me the finite strings of life are thin and can snap at any given second.

Which all really reminds me to live. Its a process, but these memories wont let me stop or turnback.


I see him sitting in the chemo chair, trying to whet his lips, trying to find some comfort. and I see all the other people sitting in that chemo room. Young, old, and all with that same fear, that same sunken skin. And I watch the nurses feed and encourage foods that only fuel their diseases. While they are being eaten alive from the inside. And I lost faith in medicine. Western medicine at least. In doctors. In hopsitals. In people who are supposed to know what wrong and how to fix us. People who very blatently dont.

But I dont greive this fallen faith.

For I've found faith in something more important.

The truth.

Our diets. And you know what, we can suddenly save ourselves. Without PhDs and millions of dollars of hospital bills. Suddenly God says in a tested but reasuring voice, "You've always had to power to change, to heal, to love. Go with it. Ive given everyone all the tools they need."

And i see the light in my father's eyes dimming.

And there was nothing I could do.

But I can do something now. I can fight so that others dont have to go through that. I can fight the pessimisim that readily flows in these streets. I can shine. Little light that it is, it can help one person. Even inadvertantly.

I can constantly try to enlighten myself to be fully awake when around friends, to not divide my time with them by distractions of cell phones, to listen, to simply bask in the blessing of the moment. It's not easy. Our minds are taught to wander as children. I wonder, though, if I would never see one of my friends again, would I feel that i have let them know how much they meant to me?

I got to tell my dad. He knew.

As for everyone else, Im working on it.

This is the Love Initiative.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Love is Here!

The Love Initiative Music & Love program is underway! As y'all know I will be performing all over Akron with little impromptu short concerts from today until the 25th - the night of the debut of the Love Initiative performance.

Everyday, the location of my performace(s) will be posted on my: Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Reverbnation, and official sites - as well as - 91.3 The Summit's Facebook & Twitter, The Downtown Akron Partnership's Facebook & Twitter, Buzzbin Magazines Faebook & Twitter, The Akron Civic's Facebook & Twitter, and many more!

Please feel free to repost these notices on your and your friends' sites! The whole goal here is to spread kindness, Love, and creativity throughout our communities.

So here goes. The Love Initiative will be bringing music and Love to:
Love Initiative Day 4 show:

16 - The Downtown Akron Trolley - Noon. Yes, I will be performing on the trolley! Come out and ride with me; it's free! It's a love trolley! Catch it by the Civic!

16 - The Summit County Sierra Club (at the Unitarian Universalist Church on W. Market St in Fairlawn) - 7:00pm.

Be the change.



Monday, February 1, 2010

February Newsletter!

John Muir said "I care to live only to entice people to look at Nature's loveliness." I whole-heartedly subscribe to this ideal. There is so much beauty all around us. From the mighty weed that survives the cement cities to the flocks of geese or swallows that form beautiful formations to the full majestic regalia of the Rocky Mountains.

I mention this because I am this month kicking off my show and movement called the "Love Initiative." ( It's a show and an ideal based upon Love, in the bigger meanings and concepts. It's about actually going out of your way to give kindness and Love to folks. Everyday on my facebook page, I will be posting small initiatives for us all to achieve to accomplish a broader bigger Love in our communities.

Also as part of the build up for the event of the Love Initiative at the civic Theater on Feb. 25th, I will be performing impromptu short acoustic/unplugged sets at various businesses in Akron. each set will be announced that morning on my facebook, twitter, myspace, as well as on the downtown Akron Partnership's and 91.3 The Summit's social media sites. If you'd like to help spread the word and post these events too, please feel free to do so. (I would love to know, so I can tell people where all to look for updates). There will also be several other happenings downtown and keep your eyes peeled for some Love Initiative art that will be popping up downtown as well!

The 31 days thus far of 2010 have stood on a much better path for me than most of 2009. I embarked on a southern tour called the "Looking for Warmth Tour" in which I found so much warmth in smiles, friendly fans and strangers, and even some sunshine! You can read all about my travels and the Looking for Warmth Tour at

I have been nominated for the Best Singer/songwriter in the Cleveland Scene Music Awards. This is always a nice honor, and I've been nominated many last several years. Please vote online at Some good friends of mine are also nominated. I would appreciate it if you supported them as well! Maurice Martin (of Winslow), Rachel Roberts, Kristine Jackson, Eclyptic, and Matt and Curtis (of Winslow) are up for Sax and Keyboards respectively.

Some other February news. I will be performing in Chicago on Valentine's Day at the (K)new Restaurant. It's a cool place, and I'm excited to play this event. I will be in town Saturday the 13th as well. If you'd be interested in hosting a house concert, please email me. It is easy to line up and promote! Plus, it's the best way to experience a Zach performance! The band and I will be loading up the Buffalo and heading off to Harrisburg, PA on the 19-20th for the Millennium Music Conference, which we have been asked to perform at. I'm excited to actually get to stop in Harrisburg! I've heard some nice things!

One last announcement. I have been asked to be a part of the "Dare to Dream Tour" which brings uplifting bands to schools, youth programs, campgrounds, etc for the purpose of performing and encouraging the students/etc to dream and work to accomplish those dreams. It's a wonderful message, and I am proud to participate. Visit for more info.

One thing to think about: if you, like me, do not have a Valentine this year, I think we should make it a special day to spread kindness and big "L" Love to strangers and friends alike. Maybe buy a stranger a rose. Or chocolates. Be creative.

Be Love.

Thanks! I really hope to see y'all this month! Your smiling face makes my day!


PS- I support these causes and think you should check them out:

The Lustgarten Foundation (

Veg for Life (

Sierra Club (

National Parks Conservation Association (

National Parks (

No animals were harmed in the writing, creating, or sending of this email newsletter. Also, no animal products were used in the making of this email newsletter, or in any way sustaining the musician typing it all in. (V)


2 • Happy Groundhog Day! I think we should all celebrate this day by doing something out of our ordinary routines!

5• Cabana's Island Restaurant • (8500 Station Street, Mentor, OH)• 7:00pm. Hello East Side! This should be a fun night!

6• House Concert • (Seven Hills, OH)• 3:00pm. I love house concerts! It is the very best way to see my perform! You can have me play in your house! It's easy! Email me for more info!

6• Brecksville Broadview Hts High School • (6380 Mill Rd, Brecksville, OH)• 7:00pm. I've been asked back to my Alma Mater to perform with my band to kick off their "Reeling in the Years" celebration. $15.

9• Barking Spider • (11310 Juniper, Cleveland, OH)• 10:00pm. This is a true gem and staple of the Ohio music scene, and it's always a wonderful night!

12• Tony's Speakeasy • (560 W. Tuscarawas Ave, Barberton, OH)• 8:00pm. It's been a while since I was last performing in Barberton!

13• TBA • (Chicago, IL)• 7:00pm. Stay tuned for venue info (or follow my facebook page).

14• Happy Valentine's Day! If you, like me, don't have a Valentine this year, spend this day, especially, spreading kindness to strangers!

14• (K)new Restaurant • (2556 W. Fullerton Ave - between Maplewood Ave and Rockwell St, Chicago, IL)• 5:30pm. Cool new place. They have a Valentine's special - $55 for a 4-course meal!

15• Happy President's Day!

15• Wolf Creek Winery • (2637 S Cleveland - Massillon Rd, Norton)• 7:00pm.A wonderful setting with great wines and good people!

18• Fat Fish Blue • (21 Prospect Ave E, Cleveland, OH)• 9:00pm. Another lovely set with the wonderful Kristine Jackson!

19• Millennium Music Conference • (Guillifty's, 1104 Carlisle Rd, Camp Hill, PA)• 9:30pm. The band and I have been invited to perform at this prestigious conference.

20• Millennium Music Conference • (Harrisburg, PA)• 8:00pm. The band and I have been invited to perform at this prestigious conference.

25• Akron Civic Theater • (182 S. Main St, Akron, OH)• 8:00pm. I have written a show based around my music called "The Love Initiative" which being debuted here in this gorgeous setting. It is a unique multi-media presentation, and unlike my typical performances! You won't want to miss it! $25. For this price, you get an open bar, a tour of the Civic, light appetizers, and a free unique CD only given to these attendees, ever!

26• Hermes Winery • (6413 Hayes Ave, Sandusky, OH)• 8:30pm. A very nice winery with great wines and a wonderful cozy atmosphere!

27• D & D Smith Winery • (401 W. Main St, Norwalk, OH)• 8:00pm. This is a brand new winery with great wines, especially their fruit wines!

28 • Enjoy the Full Moon!

March 5• Tangier's • (532 W. Market St, Akron)• 7:00pm. The band and I are co-headlining this lovely venue with my friends the Ryan Humbert Band! This is where the party's at!