Thursday, October 22, 2009

Make school lunches healthier!

As you know this is an issue near to me. Studies are showing that this generation will be the first will a shorter life expectancy than their parents. A lot of that is due to our terrible diets. And we need to have the schools offering more healthy and reasoonable options and meals for our children.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Huffington Post

The highly esteemed Huffington Post did a mention/review of What I Meant to Say!

Thanks Phil!

Ribs and more

Time flies when you're hopped up on painkillers.

This has been a wonderful week of shows and friends. And a misreable week of aging. Let's start with the good though.

I have fallen deeply in love with Uncorked (22 N. High St, Akron). I was even before i started playing there. Something is in the air at that little wine bar. The intimate setting and unplugged show (with wonderful acoustics!) are a perfect mixture. It reminds me of something that would be happening in NYC or London. But it's right here in Akron! Several great fans and friends came out, including Rachel ( and its always nice to see musician friends at a show!

From there a small caravan of us dropped in on David Ullman's ( at Tastey Jones. Singing and dancing of course ensued. And they cooked up some tastey fries and apples for the 2 vegans.

Friday was a fun set at Barley House. The band was ready to rock. Chris of Clear Gold Audio ( came out and ran sound for us doing a wonderful job! We got my wireless mic working so i could run around the building singing to the folks, and the lovely ladies having birthdays (and the ones just hanging out as well).

Saturday morning started fairly early and took me down to Barberton for a Peace show @ Lake Anna. It was frigid, but there was a nice turnout. I dont think I'd ever been to Lake Anna before. I made it through my set still mostly feeling my fingers. Over the Road w/ the no more you and me no more they and we just unity lines at the end was especially moving and poignant.

Then off to the House of Blues. Kickin the cancer Blues ( is a wonderful benefit and organization raising funds for individuals with Hodgkins Lymphoma. Some great pics are at We had a wonderful time and really had one of the best sets we've had yet! A powerful emotion was coming down and out through us. Over the Road, Some Love, and Ever After were amazing. Kristine Jackson ( came up and added some lovely harmonies to Distracted! After us, our friends the Jack Fords took the stage and finaleed with a spirited version of the Weight. Kristine's set was wonderful as well, and she invited me back up to sing People Get Ready. A very different version than mine, but powerful still! Very powerful!

Then Sunday came. And i got to have some Tofu Scramble @ Tommys, which is pretty good. I dont think anybody makes a tofu scramble as good as the one you make at home, but theirs is good. And a nice rice dream chocolate-strawberry shake doesnt hurt either! I also got to take in Where the Wild Things Are, which i enjoyed though it was different from what i expected. I did love the cinematography and puppetry/costumry. The day ended with a drive out to Boardman for a Hawaian burger at the Flaming Ice Cube (an awesome vegan shop and cafe! ( I also got a lovely OM ring that i had been looking for in the back of my mind for a bit.

Moving on to Monday. Wolf Creek was a wonderful night. Really. Standing room only. So many great people came out and familiar faces! How could it not be one of the best ways to start the week!

And about the bad side.

Apperently, i am at that age where i can pull a muscle ... sleeping.

Yes. I awoke in the middle of the night Wednesday/Thursday morning with this horrific pain. To do my weekend shows, I was on some strong painkillers. And when I'd get home, the pain would overtake those pills, and make sure i didnt really sleep. So that lasted until Sunday when i finally got some sleep, and then by miracle, I am feeling nearly all better now. Whew! I must be a violent sleeper.

Or just getting old.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bobby on Random Acts of Music!

Recently Charlie and I were on Random Acts of Music. This is a wonderful unplugged version of Bobby from that episode.


Congrats Dom!

Our good friend and long-time drummer, Dominic Tancredi got married to his long-time girlfriend, Sarah, last night.

It was a fun party- some good rock and roll, some good potatos, and good friends!

On behalf of the rest of the band, I wanted to wish my most heartfelt congratulations and deepest wishes for long-time happiness!


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Canton Palace

Maybe I should back things up and start with yesterday first.


It was nice to be back at Northside this month. There was a different atmosphere - something different in the air. I don't know if you felt it to - maybe it was just me. I did just start up a new meditation regime.

It was very nice to see so many great folks there, smiling, dancing, rocking! It really did make my day to have so many friends and fan family around! It was kinda a big day for us. Brandon, our new drummer, was playing his first public show.

He said it meant a lot to him to have so many nice and warm folks there supporting him for his debut!

Talking about my shows is something I'm really not that good at. So I'll summarize, as per usual :)

The night started off on an emotional chord with Autumn, Invocation, Lime Tree, and Manifest, which all were possibly as good as we've ever done them.

Then there was vegan pumpkin pie!!!

We had a nice line of dancers as well! Impressive! And everyone in step - it was a thing of beauty!! Did I hear someone compare it to Lord of the Dance... ? (I hope so!!:)

Then there was the after party/ encore! The 4 hour after party dispersing after 5am. A good end to a fun night!

And then there's the Canton Palace Theater.

I will have pics up soon.

I love this theater! It is gorgeous! With a nice stage and an awesome little labyrinth of dressing room tunnels!

There seemed to be some sort of snafu with the marquee, which had mistakenly stated we were on at 8:30pm, so i apologize to those of you that came just as we ended. I feel doubly bad because it was a great show!

Large stages are always a joy - room to feel, room to romp, and room for the sound to rock! Brandon played his heart out, as we all did. And with little weird Halloween set decorations, no less!

Some very moving moments tonight. Over the Road sent a warmth over me from the audience. It was beautiful and I cant really describe it. But thank you. The set built up to Some Love, where I got to leave the mic stand and plead give out every drop of my soul to the audience from the edge of the stage.

I think that Ever After could have been one of our best versions yet. Highly energized.

And there is nothing quite like dancing up and down the aisles of an old theater. It is wonderment. Definitely! Several little girls were getting into it and dancing along by their seats.

It all ended with a standing ovation.

Which, really, does it get any better than that??

Thank you. It made my night to see some kind faces and some folks I hadn't seen in a long while. Not to mention every one's kindness.

You rock.

You are why I sing.

And together we are agents of change.