Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Vegan Myths

Anyone who is or ever was vegan has heard every one of these myths. And many more, to be sure.

It is fascinating to me how deep food goes into our culture and our individual psyches. When we have family gathered together, a meal if usually the central focus. When we celebrate a religious observance, a meal is often a major focus. A chunk of our daily family time revolves around a meal.

The food we eat, then, has taken on an almost sacred significance.

Changing this attitude is revolutionary.

Most of us have a difficult time looking at our attitudes and behaviors in any realistic sense. We know we are right and wrong, but often don't truly care to change.

Most people will do nearly anything to have to even look at these deep truths about themselves.

We create excuses. We create elaborate systems of justification.

We blame others.

It's so much easier to say, "It's someone else's fault." They have to deal with it. I don't have to.

This is the easy way.

In reality, things are not so simple. In reality, our own behaviors and attitudes are shaped and molded by our cultures, family, biases, experiences. In reality, there is only us.

Realizing this brings about difficulty, as now we have to look at our own actions and reactions. Maybe we aren't so sinless afterall ...

Food is a further difficulty because it stretches into so many other aspects of our lives.

When we make a decision to be vegan, we are pushing over a long row of dominoes that stretch around all our behaviors.

This is a beautiful thing! And at the same time, terrifying. It leads us to the unknown. It leads us on an adventure to discover ourselves; our true selves. This true self is often someone we barely know. And most people do not set out to be adventurers.

Once we lift the veil covering the injustices in our food system, we have to change. Our souls yearn for Truth. We may cover it up; pile it over with excuses, but like magnets, we are eventually drawn to it.

A simple step will lead to different Universe.

A Universe where there is only us, and a mirror.

Where we realize we don't want to suffer. We don't have to suffer.

Finally, the end of our suffering, lies in the end of all suffering.

For there is only us, and a mirror.


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