Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Here's how we end factory farming #makeitpossible

Here's how we end factory farming #makeitpossible

We have a duty to reduce suffering and add kindness and compassion to the world. This is a great campaign. We need to support it and we need to grow it here in the States.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Peace Week

Ok. So, I have been absent from blogging this week. Right after I promised to blog more. The best of intentions can often fall short.

This week has been amazing, and honestly it's going to take several posts and maybe a week to expound upon it all and to take it in to a point I can discuss it all.

We began Peace Week this year with the hope of working with groups and organizations around Akron to bring about events to help cultivate nonviolence in ourselves and our community.

Peace really does begin within each of us. This week has made that even more clear to me. I was deeply moved by the events this year, by the presenters, speakers, attendees, bike riders, so many people. Everyday we can gain such insight and awareness if we open ourselves to it.

The week began with Bigfoot and is ending with a walking meditation. In between, we've meditated, practiced yoga, learned How to Start a Revolution and 198 methods of nonviolent action, learned about cooking healthy delicious fall foods (like an eggplant burger and butternut squash soup), hiked through the woods, worked together to solved problems, supported a great farmers market, played music, encouraged an art walk, gave free hugs, engaged youth through the Akron Peacemakers, drummed, danced, and rode bicycles 20 miles and a Peace Train 20 miles.

The community inside and out is being cultivated, supported and encouraged.

These are uplifting and inspirational times!