Tuesday, February 19, 2013


The word activist has many connotations.

I know many folks who hear the word activist and they immediately think radical folks who cause trouble and clash with the police.

Others think of our duty as citizens of this country to speak up for your beliefs.

To me, though it just means being alive and trying to manifest Love as much as I can in the world inside and around me. Every breath is a a Love. In reality then, I am working to change both my inner and outer worlds every second of every day. Would that not be an activist?

Most people come to activism because something touches them personally. And it usually angers them. They use this anger to fuel some sort of action.

There is nothing wrong with a sense of anger being the impetus to act. However, we must work to transform that anger to Love. To act out of anger is like a flame on a candle, which given opposition and time will burn out.

Love, however, is renewing. Love seeks growth. Love seeks not to divide but to unite.

Many activists never make this transition. They burnout and walk away from their fight if they don't see quick enough progress.

All effort made towards shifting our culture to Peace and true Love will take time. It will not walk a straight line to the finish. And many of us may never see the outcomes.

Which is all the more reason to act out of Love. Love allows us to keep giving, whereas anger will eventually run out.

The goal of creating change, of speaking up for your beliefs, is to create a lasting change, a lasting impact. When a conversation or campaign is based in anger, there will be no lasting victories. Even if done in a mostly nonviolent manner, anger will always make demands. Love seeks to create understanding.

This isn't an easy transition, I'll be honest.

It is a struggle. When we see the evil deeds others have done, anger wells up and often deafens the voice of Love. But it's our only real hope, and our only real choice.

And it works. It works better than any other method of changing or acting.

I noticed this article after I wrote this. It talks about Yoga being a way to move your life from fear to love. Yoga is definitely a good way to do this, though not the only way.

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