Monday, May 13, 2013

Packing light

Last fall I was asked to attend the Tedx event in Akron. One of the speakers did a talk on packing light. It was both how to pack for travel, as he walked the Camino de Santiago in France/ Spain, and about packing lightly in life.

This talk comes to mind as I am preparing for my 13th trip cross the country.

A lot of folks ask me why I pack and take with me, especially being vegan.

Usually, I pack pretty light.

For food, I usually stop at farmers markets and grocery stores along the way. This year, I got a travel juicer that will be joining me.  There is always peanut butter, bread, spinach, raisins, apples, some cookies, mixed nuts, banana chips, and some sort of organic cheerios. I was given a 3 gallon water jug, that I may or may not bring this time around. But there's always plenty of water, and some komboucha, sometimes! 

Besides clothes and gear, I may bring my bicycle with me this trip. It would be nice to cycle around when I can, and get in some nice rides along the coast while in California.

I always update my ipod and garmin and have several books with me. The Bhagavad Gita according to Gandhi is always with me. I'll also be bringing some Hafiz, and Dr Kings Stride Toward Freedom.

The desert is an amazing space for meditation and creativity. I've had some deeply spiritual experiences in the vast Nevada desert.

Who knows what this trip will be like, but it will be an adventure, regardless. And that is enough for me.