Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Behind the Scenes

We had a little late night studio session recently.
5 musicians - late night - in a room.
The cameras were rolling.

Neil tuning up in the main room.

Ready to rock. (in the tuxedo t-shirt).

Charlie's playing was that good. I swear it!!

Papa Marotta laying down some tastey parts.

Brandon being productive... or just posing... or productive ...

Time for vocals.

Time for group backing vocals. Like the Temps... but not.


There have been few politicians over the last 40-50 years like the Kennedys. Teddy certainly lived up to that legacy.

We can only hope that torch has been passed along to some in the next generation.

RIP Teddy.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wolf Creek

A fun and long and hectic weekend is over. Today. Officially.
It started off with a 103 degree fever for much of the week. To the point I had to actually cancel a show.
Then it went to a back-to-back Staurday of the Great Lakes Brewery Burning River Fest on Whiskey Island. This was shot right after I jammed to the mayor Frank Jackson.

And this is one my favourite pics:

Jamming to the goats. Who were kind of dancing along like muppets. It was pretty hilarious. And it's kinda represented here.

Love it.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lyrics to A Conversation Runs Two Ways

A conversation runs two ways (a late night open letter)
(c) 2009 ZEF Music/ BMI

Well this might be the longest night
In the history of all mankind
I try to sleep but my mind stutters
Nothing can curb my mind’s endless thunder

So all that’s left is you
No one else to turn to
Im not used to this
Maybe I should just let it rip

Don’t ya see the tears I cry
Didn’t ya know she is my life
You could give me everything I need
Why wont you send her love back to me
Back to me back to me

Don’t you tell me about the long run
Some distant path im not yet on
I cant see past my fingers
Where she always seems to linger

(just gotta have her) Love

Why do ya show me a love so pure
Tp rip it out and throw it on the floor
Don’t wanna hear about some mystic plan
No other woman’s better than my Jen


Gotta have her Love...

And why must I ask this every night?

A Conversation Runs Two Ways (a Late Night Open Letter)

Here is the song I wrote last night during the meteor shower and recorded live in my van today.


Guitar legend Les Paul dies at age 94

This is a major bummer. Les Paul was one rock legend I would have loved to see play. I think he was still a regular performer in the NYC jazz scene. Whenever I go to the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame I check out his exhibit. It doesn't change, but the history it worth reliving every time.

Chuck Berry is another - I hear he has (or had?) a weekly show in St. Louis... road trip?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Thursday, August 6, 2009

House of Blues and Trevor Hall

Tuesday was a day I had been looking forward to on many levels for a while. Firstly for personal reasons. Secondly, I was to be playing with me friend Trevor Hall. And Thirdly, it was at the House of Blues, which is always a good time!
(All of these pics were taken by Eileen Matias)

Jen and I were there early for load in. But there was a corporate party in the Cambridge room, and thought we were told to be there at 5:00pm for load in, we couldnt actually load in until after 6:45pm. So that resulted in a lot of waiting. And watching Trevor and Chris and Mario wrap up the new order of shirts they just got in. (They said they didnt need help, and they had quite an assembly line going. It was impressive).

My Tofu Cows. Hanging out before the show.

Yes, I brought out the fabled Leisure Suit for the event.

It was an awesome crowd! Sold out by the time I hit the stage! (sorry to the fans that were turned away, but you gotta get there early, you know :-)

It was a blast with the front 15 rows being so super fun! Lots of singing along and dancing and such!

Ah yes, some of that singing along I was talking about...

Michael came out and sat in on Melodica for "Grey Clouds" and "Manifest."

Grey Clouds I did very spur of the moment, and haven't really done it much prior, but it got a great response. Which is always nice. Though I think aside from Life, Surround Me was the highlight of my set.

More fun times!

Michael having a good time.

I dont know what's happening here. The whole set was a blur for me. Between my mindset, emotions, the heat, and the crowd, i dont think i was consciously conscious.

So it probably wasnt the best night to be wearing polyester. It was very very very hot in there. The room was packed and there was that amazing collective energy that leads to the most amazing concert/musical experiences. I did think I might pass out a time or two.

But that didnt stop me from Rockin.

And it's always nice to have dozens of people cheering and such when i take off my jacket...

It was ultra fun to jam to the crowd, cuz they were all around me. This wasnt jamming to people, which happens a lot - no, it was jamming with people. People were strumming along, dancing, and rockin along with me.

Big ending. Thank you! See you next time!

Monday, August 3, 2009


Here is a little glimpse into our weekly rehearsals. This was at a moment when we were winding down and relaxing a little with one of our favourite covers.