Monday, December 30, 2013

Recommendations of 2013

These are some of the highlights and inspirations I came across this year. Not all of these came out this year, but this is when I crossed their paths.

Winslow. Left of the Right Direction.
Randi Driscoll. December.
Rachel Roberts/ Sexis Sixes.
Brett Dennon. Smoke and Mirrors.
Medicine for the People. Dark As Night.
Colin John. Two Sides of the Coin.
Tegan and Sarah. Hearthrob.
Noah and the Whale. Heart of Nowhere.
Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. Self Titled.
Joseph Arthur. Ballad of Boogie Christ.
The Speedbumps. Harbors.
Charlie Mosbrook. Something to Believe.
Hey Mavis. Honey Man.
Michael Franti. All People.
MC Yogi. Pilgrimage.
Alan Semerdjian. Quiet Songs for Loud Times.
Local Natives. Hummingbird.

In Freedom and Peace. Bernard LaFayette
Strength to Love. MLK.
Stride Toward Freedom. MLK.
The Gospel of RFK.
Jesus. Deepak Chopra.
A Gandhi Reader. Gandhi.
Book of Hours. Rilke.
The Animal Manifesto. Marc Bekoff.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Tao of Recording

Recording is a process I have been through countless times over my 15 year career. Hours have been spent professionally recording my music, helping others record their music, or working on demos and other unreleased projects.

I've hears what feels like hours of kick drums being mixed. Put up with way too much pizza and Chinese carry out, and poor light.

Yet, I learn so much each time. Even more about myself, than with the actual recording process.

We start with ideas about the songs, and they always end up in a different space. A song starts off mellow and becomes a rollicking tune. Some songs get mellowed down. You never really know how a song will end up.

It causes us to be flexible and not be attached to our preconceived notions for these songs.

Each recording also challenges us in unexpected ways.

This project has had its fill! First of all this was a very long project, and the time frame found me moving from joy to despair to boredom back to excitement. I found myself ready to give up on it. Found myself disliking the songs. And then I found redemption in the music, and new life in totally changing my vocal style.

We recorded a new, more soulful version of Surround Me for this project. In doing this, we decided to change my vocal approach to the song. It took me into some very tentative places, vulnerable places. Uncomfortable places. And yet, in the end, it pushed me through to a place where I now have a new skill in my belt.

I like working with my band, and enjoying their creative input. That's part of what helps a song to grow on its own and go to a place where I might not have taken it. A random mandolin part can suddenly take a song in such a random tangent - a tangent so far out of my ideas for the song, that it was physically uncomfortable. Until I stood back and realized the song wanted to go there.

It's all a process of letting go.

Of realizing the best take is usually right after the worst take. Once we stretch ourselves beyond our ability, we find a new comfort zone.

Of finding our antidotes.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Lessons of Lennon

Like many young folks, my life has been dramatically altered after deeply listening to the Beatles.

High school was just beginning. I was a basketball player. Summer was rolling around, and I began to have a severe pain in my abdomen. After a couple days of fighting through it, I went to the hospital. Who had no idea what was going on. So I went to another hospital, and they had no idea either. Nearly a month had passed before our family doctor suggested looking at my appendix.

It had ruptured. I should have been dead.

But my body contained the spewing poison. Worn out from the weeks of inaction, and the drugs and pain from the surgery, I was facing a lengthy recovery. As I lay in a hospital bed, sad to be missing the joy of running in the summer sunshine – hours of backyard football and basketball, sleepovers, and all the many joys of being a kid at summertime – someone had brought me in music to help cheer me up.

A cassette for my Walkman.

The White Album.

The oldies channel was my favorite channel, so the Beatles were not a totally new experience for me, but this was the first time I actually listened to the songs.

I was hooked by the time Dear Prudence came on and jumped into their catalogue whole-heartedly.

Almost immediately I was intrigued by John Lennon. Gravitating towards his music and personality, I dove into his solo records as well. There was an honesty and power to his music. It meant something beyond just a clever rhyme. My eyes were opened to the power of an artist with a cause.

Music can change the world.

And someone who is willing to put their career in jeopardy to stand for what they feel is right will inspire many. John worked for Peace. He wrote political songs and used his music and art to make statements. His power was so great, that Nixon felt he was a large threat! That is some power!

Lennon opened my eyes to Peace, to activism, to the role of the artist.

My life has brought me to this point largely because of this early influence.

So I celebrate all that John created and its impact on my life. Today would have been his 73rd birthday.
Imagine is his best record, in my opinion, but my favorite is Walls & Bridges. Enjoy it here:


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

October Tidbits

October times
Fall is upon us. The cooling breeze swings through the woods setting off a new bird song. Leaves of brilliant colors dance their way through the cloudy afternoons. Sweaters and hot tea, soup, and pumpkin pie are all here and quite welcomed.

Most of my energy has been focused on Peace Week and Evening for Chuck, but I’ve experienced a few cool things I’d like to share.

Serena Ryder’s record has been on my Ipod since I loaded it on a few weeks ago. The chanting of the Radha Temple Singers and the Maha Mantra are still in daily rotation, as is George Harrison’s first record All Things Must Past.

I just began The Shambhala Principle by Sakyong Mipham. This book outlines ideas to create an enlightened society. It is terribly important in these tough times. Even 30 pages in, I have gained some valuable insights. Definitely a recommendation.

As I haven’t encountered much fiction I have wanted to read in the last few years, I picked up Herman Hesse’s “Beneath the Wheel.” Well, perhaps it’s not all fiction… it seems to be about Hesse, at least in some ways. His writing is always engaging, and half-way through, I am finding it interesting.

The Quotable Thoreau has been sitting on my bedside for months, and I finally delved in. This isn’t the only book of Thoreau in my possession, but it’s a wonderfully complete collection of various thoughts and sayings. Thoreau is an interesting man, filled with brilliance and difficult hypocrisies. We are all works in progress.

Friday, September 20, 2013

World Peace Jubilee!

I so love this event! I cannot wait to be back performing and partaking in all the amazingness that is the Jubilee!!

Jubilee Peace Fest
October 17-20, 2013 ~ 6:30 am-11:00 pm 

All ages, Kids Program is FREE
Register for one session, one day, two days, three days or all four days.  Attend for as low as $18!
10% off on 2-Day Pass
15% off on 3-Day Pass
20% off on 4-Day Pass
Fifth Year Anniversary Celebration with locally and internationally known teachers, musicians, authors, artists, and chefs unfolding the path to world peace.

Live Music, Yoga Workshops, Meditation Practices, Vegan Cooking Classes, Health & Fitness Seminars, Spiritual Activism, Organic Gardens, Hiking Trails, Labyrinth Walking and More. 

Sticman of Dead Prez, HuDost
Luminaries, DJ Cavem, Ajeet Kaur, Oakes & Smith, ThePeace, Amy Ferguson is Grandma Dirt, Zach Freidhof

Erica Jago, Julie Kirkpatrick, Marni Task
Mimi Loureiro, Kathleen Kastner, Anna Ferguson, Chris Belanger, Jutta Daeschlein, Lara Heimann, Ashley Hunt, Rachel Roberts, Ximena Savitch

Afya Ibomu, Hannah Kaminsky, Jason Wyrick
Amanda Nicole Smith, Mark Stroud

John Pierre, Will Tuttle
Patrick Murphy Welage, Alex Lippert, Jenna Schroer

If you have not yet been able to officially sign up for the 2013 event, we are connecting to make sure you knew to sign up and register for the Fest here:  There are work-trade and volunteer opportunities as well as scholarships available for the World Peace Diet Facilitator Training here:
Also, the first 99 registered attendees who "like," "comment," and "share" the Jubilee Peace Fest poster or use the image as their cover or profile picture for this year’s Fest will receive a gift bag with a unique blend of items from the sponsors. 

Do you dare to invite your friends to sign up for 4 days of peace on earth?  Here is a link to the Facebook event: and let them know about our new website (found at: as it has the weekend’s full schedule of events, list of presenters, speakers and the food menu for the yummiest vegan food on the planet! 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Akron Beacon Journal and Provenance

Today, the Akron Beacon Journal published a wonderful story/ review of Provenance.

Read it here:

Or pick up a physical copy somewhere!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Other News

I recently watched "Sleepwalk with Me", a film by Mike Birbiglia, This film is based on his stand up special of the same name. It's a hilarious account of his life and trouble with sleepwalking. Ira Glass helped bring the film to fruition as well, and it was thoroughly enjoyable. Every bit as enjoyable as the stand up. I recommend this film. He's one of my favorite comedians, too, and I love all his CDs. Check out some youtube of his stand up here:

"The Yoga of Jesus" by Paramahansa Yogananda has been on my shelf for a while, and I finally got to it recently. Yogananda is best known for his divinely inspiring Autobiography of a Yogi. He has a unique and interesting view of Jesus, and his idea of Christ-Consciousness. I always seem to learn great insights about the teachings of Jesus from other religions. A lot in this book spoke to me, as I believe that we all are creatures with the Divine soul within, and looking at Jesus' teaching through the lens of spirituality and the Bhagavad Gita provided many insights.

"Chant and Be Happy" is a little collection about the Hare Krishna movement, featuring interesting interviews with George Harrison and some stories from the Vedas. The power of the mantra Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Hare Hare Krishna Krishna Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare is well documented. I have noticed an improvement in my own happiness since chanting this mantra a few times a day. It's worth a try, and any spiritual practice involving singing and dancing is pretty a-ok with me.

"Stride Toward Freedom" by Dr. King is his account of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. King's insight and understanding of nonviolence is always inspiring. I have read and continue to reread all of Dr Kings writings as we can learn so much from his brilliance, and what he accomplished. We can all keep up the fight to create a peaceful and just society.

Got a good chanting CD by the Radha Temple Singers, which was produced by George Harrison, and features the Hare Krishna Mantra, which actually topped the British charts in the early 70s.  

As I'm typing this, I'm listening to Augustana's first record and Owl City's latest release All Things Bright and Beautiful. The latter is a guilty pleasure of mine. It's so bubbly and happy. Sometimes you just need effervescence. And there's some clever writing there as well. As for Augustana, their latest release is one of my favorite records of the last decade, and I haven't had a chance to get into their earlier records til now.

Speaking of guilty pleasures, I've been helping my gramma move into an assisted living place and helping my mom as well; hence my mom has had the TV on a lot, and I have been watching it as I spend time with her. She loves these two shows, which have now rubbed off on me - The Mentalist and Castle. Both are crime drama shows with a very light bent to them. I think there's some clever writing in them, and they are both in repeat on some cable channel. I need to pry myself away from the television, as it just renders me useless for awhile, and I have far too much to do. That's my confession for you.

CD Updates


Is out and available!! You can get it physically at shows, Time Traveler CDs in Cuyahoga Falls, and by emailing me at You can get it digitally anywhere music is available. I prefer Itunes and CDBaby -

All proceeds from this record go to creating a fund to help Akron area non-profits create programs to educate and inspire nonviolence. The legacy of our arts community to create a peaceful place is the goal.

This record features Rachel Roberts, Ryan Humbert, Maurice Martin (of Winslow), Kristine Jackson, David Ullman, Emma Shepard, Randi Driscoll, Diana Chittester, Scott Franklin, Courtney Cable, Colin John, Brent Kirby, Charlie Mosbrook, Charlie Trenta, and TM Gottl. Find out more at


Magical Things is in pre-production. We have been scheduling out recording in October, and we hope to release it in time for the holidays. We've been performing these songs during our shows and will continue to do so. Emma and I are excited for this project to reach world-wide release.


The band has been working on this record for a while, and we have over 14 songs in the running to make the cut. Im excited about the direction we've headed in the songs and production. You're gonna love it! Plus it'll be great to have songs like Hymn and Beats Louder Than Sounds and Plants out and available to y'all! We're wrapping up recording this month, and are looking for a late fall release.

September Adventures


What a delightful few days we’ve had to round out August and begin September. Weather like this is my favorite sort; not too hot, a nice breeze, and the humidity is low.

August provided some really moments: a rollicking Lock 3 set with the Bright Lights (one of our best sets ever!), a transcendent set at Rockin on the River with the Bright Lights, the Poplars sang in the sunshine at Square Fest, a fun Bright Lights party in Columbus at Hal and Als, a great yoga and music event with the great Ron White, several delightful sets for the 30,000 folks at Chicago Veggie Fest, joining my friend David Ullman onstage at Musica for our duet of Happiest Sad Song, and we released Provenance to the world! Plus a lot of great little moments along the way.

The folks at Chicago Vegan Mania summed up my music pretty well, I think: “energetic one-man feel good orchestra.” That’s my new favorite quote!

Please visit for my full schedule of shows.

This Week
Provenance and the Fund
CD updates
Other News


Thursday the 5th – Stewart’s Caring Place Butterfly Garden Event – 4pm. Stewart’s Caring Place 2955 W. Market St, Fairlawn.

Friday the 6th – Lock 3 Farmers Market – 11:30am – 1:115pm. 22 S. Main St, Akron. Part of Restaurant Week.

Friday the 6th – Thorncreek Winery – 7pm. 155 Treat Rd, Aurora.

Sat the 7th – Heini’s Market – Noon. Main St, Sugarcreek.

Sat the 7thAkron Art Walk – 6pm. Zeber Martell Gallery (43 Furnace St, Akron). My favorite artists in Akron. I always have wonderful yogi and vegan conversations with them. This is also the kick off of the Akron Art Prize.

Sun the 8th – Art in the Park – 1pm. Fred Fuller Park in Kent. There will be at least a couple Poplars songs as well in this set.


Sept the 11th –  Heading back to Dayton for another yoga and music event at Purpose Yoga! 5pm.  
Sept the 13th - The Poplars will be bringing our indie, folky, happy music to the Spot. 8pm. $5. The Spot is the most fun party in Akron. Good music, good art, and good folks! We’re excited to be a part of the line up!

Sept the 20thKent State Folk Fest! I’ll be back at Pufferbelly’s 530pm. The Poplars will do a short set in the middle of my set as well. I always love this evening.

Sept the 21stChicago VeganMania! The best vegan event in the Midwest, easily! I’ll be playing at Noon-ish and then also at the official after party at 7pm. Gonna be a good time!

Sept 22nd – Harvest of Peace – Noon. The Akron Shambhala Center 1707 Front St Cuyahoga Falls. This veggie food and music fest will be a nice collection of folks. It’s also going on the 21st if you aren’t planning on making the trip to Chicago.

Sept 29 – Oct 6th – The 4th ANNUAL AKRON PEACE WEEK! Way too many events to list here, so check out our great blog with guest bloggers, and tons of peaceful info:


Community means a lot to me. Making a community record has been such a source of inspiration and joy. To work with friends and great writers, and have to opportunity to grow as a human and a writer has been an experience I won’t soon forget.

You can buy the record now at all shows, Time Traveler CDs, and online anywhere music is available (like Itunes). Here is a quick easy link:

All things Provenance can be found at Even the lyrics to the entire CD are up:

All the money from this effort are going to create a fund to help Akron area non-profits create programs to educate and inspire nonviolence in our community. I welcome all donations to this fund, beyond just CD sales. No amount is too small or large. Together we can create a way to help the community forever. This fund has become a large personal drive for me. We can do so much good. Please consider helping us bring nonviolence into our community to a much greater degree.


All projects are moving forward. For more info, visit the blog:


I recently saw Sleepwalk with Me, a film by Mike Birbiglia based on his stand-up comedy special of the same name. I think he’s hilarious, and thoroughly enjoyed the film!

More recommendations and such at

EVENING FOR CHUCK Returns! Peace Week is coming up, and I hope to see you at our numerous events, including the 7th Evening for Chuck, which benefits Stewart’s Caring Place this year. October 5th.  

That’s a lot. There’s more on the blog, so stop by for more insights into Zach’s world.

See you soon. There’s a free hug awaiting you.



Monday, September 2, 2013

Luminosity Lyrics


I call you              I wait to hear
Cuz I need you near

I crawl out     from my shelter
Cuz I need you here

I look up       past the stars
Cuz you’re not here

I listen           to my heatbeat
Cuz I need you near

I walk back    to the water
Cuz I thought you’d hear

And I am       just one man
Who needs you near


And I am       the one man
Who needs you near
Yes I am       the one man
Who needs you here…

The great beautifier

If I know what love is      It is all because of you
If I know what love is      It is all because of you

All I understand            I know because of love
All I understand            I know because of love

Love love is the great beautifier

Only from the heart       Can you touch the sky
Only from the heart       Can you touch the sky

Love never claims         It only gives it only gives
Love never claims         It only gives it only gives


It’s not what you look at that matters
It is only what you see


Look/ See

Ive always been the boy who felt at home
In my mind & on my own
Inventing situations I could run through
Bending all the stations I could improve
Inventing a lover from a girl I knew
Girls fly like satellites girls fly like satellites
Close enough 2 see ya but never gonna come 2 me (so)

The more I look the more I see all the possibilities
the heart of Love is inside of me (inside of me inside of me..)

Ive always been the boy with a book in his hand
Never failed to see power in the flower or the songbirds dance
Inventing situations I made true
Blending all the colours til I found you
Open up the curtains & look at the view
Tho girls fly like satellites girls fly satellites
Im the one circling the love that has come to me

Chorus … Love & God inside of me
Love reflects from inside of me

It’s a beautiful day if you want it to be (3x)
So say that it is & it will be
It’s a beautiful day I hear God sing
It’s a beautiful day in the little things
It’s a beautiful day you gotta believe
Love flows from within so open up that spring

Chorus (2x)  what we want we must be
The greatest heights lie inside of me
We’re all made of beautiful things
We make all the love we could ever need
…. It’s a beautiful day if you want it to be … Love flows from within so open up that spring

Surround Me

I get tied up all day
I wish I could see you
But I drive for hours on end
And I wish you were there

To wrap your arms around me
Surround me

I wake up in the morning
Still dreaming I see you
Cant wait for the evening
When I can hold you

And wrap your arms around me
Surround me

I would          never ever let you go

Your hand in mine is the
Only time I feel right
I would fight a tiger just
To look into your eyes

And wrap your arms around me
Surround me

Chorus / Turnaround

And wrap your arms around me
Surround me

Chorus (4x)

I Won’t Be Gone too Long

When I leave I won’t be gone too long
The bat of an eye is a lifetime
Oh oh I will call out your name
Oh oh I wish that you could hear it someday

And I wish that I could cry                    (I got clouds inside)
And I don’t know    why…

Love is what you make it         
I prefer to make it than to pass it by
Let love awaken                     
And time will never break it though it tries
A soul is the thickest vine                     A soul is the thickest vine

When I leave I won’t be gone at all
On and on in a kiss like it rains and it starts
Oh oh I will carve out your face
Oh oh in the hills of Orion’s grace

And I wish that I could cry                    (or just close my eyes)
And I don’t know    why…


Oooh a soul is thicker thicker thicker than time           (2x)
Oooh love is the thickest thickest thickest find             (2x)

Love is what you make it
I prefer to make it than to pass it by
What are you saving
Love is all your taking when you go
Love           (is the thickest find)                               (3x)
A Love       (is the thickest find)

Sea Monsters

The waves are crashing the storm’s blowing in
All our years of blindness we’re gonna pay for it
The thunder is cracking above and below
My feet are dry but for how long I don’t know

Oh there’s a sea monster out there & its coming for us
There’s no science fiction & few here to trust
Now there’s no room left to run
And I can feel it coming up

We’ve been sailing awhile in uncharted seas
Ignoring the compass & the smell on the breeze
We’ve all heard the stories of those here before
From the rare survivor or what washes up on shore


It’s the end of the calm before the doom looming
Up opens like a giant black rose the sea
Hold it down boys strap yourselves in we’re not gonna make it home
Tho we don’t deserve it may the good lord give us some mercy on our souls

Oh oh oh ohhhhh (4x)

Oh there are sea monster out here all coming for us
Its not science fiction we’ve killed the albatross
Now there’s no room left to run
And I can hear it coming up

Ooh ooh oohhhh…

Over the Road

Open up your blue skies
Let your love out
Open up your blue eyes
Let your sun out

So I can feel you
Like raindrops
Falling fallen
On my heart

You can light my way home  (2x)
My way home

I hear your voice
In doorbells
In wind chimes
And the old crowd

You can light my way home
You can guide my way over
Over this road

Over this road
Over this road
Over this road
Over this road

Over this road
Chorus                                    …                    over this road



I may not know what to say when you're down
Tho words may leave you know I'm always around
When the pain takes over
Put your head on my shoulder

I may say the exact wrong thing
When trying to show the support I bring
When the night gets colder
When your voice falters
Put your head on my shoulder

My shoulder…
It might not be a sunny day but the stars’ll be bright
It might not be a sunny day but your hands in mine

I may play a song you don’t wanna sing
But there's more love in my heart than any song could ever bring
When it jumps up from a smolder
When your light just wont color
Put your head on my shoulder

My shoulder…
It might not be a sunny day but the stars’ll be bright
It might not be a sunny day but you're on my mind
It might not be a sunny day but your hairs just right
It might not be a sunny day but your hands in mine

Put your head on my shoulder…


You wake up in the morning against your will
Off to work at a place you hate but it pays your bills

What good is money
When your soul is falling
You’re distracted light refracted a tunnel vision tunnel vision
You’re impacted life inactive tunnel vision tunnel vision

Stand up out of your grave
Let your fate drive you to grace
Life’s not meant to waste away
Trust me before it’s too late

You wade up to the evening and make your way home
To the woman and family that you barely know

What good is money
When your soul is hungry
And it don’t eat gold
You’re distracted runnin laps in a tunnel vision tunnel vision
You’re malpracticed by your conscience a tunnel vision tunnel vision

Oh no you’re breaking down you got to go
Oh no it’s coming down you’ve got to get out
You’ve got to get out you got to believe in now!

What good is money
It’s not honey
For the soul

Chorus       (let your faith drive you to grace)

You’re distracted disconnected in tunnel vision tunnel vision
You’re the apple of satisfaction but tunnel vision tunnel vision

Tunnel vision…

Provenance Lyrics

More to Learn
(w/ Charlie Mosbrook)

Ive lived black and white
The world was right or wrong
I wrapped my hands around the source
But I could never hold on

There's always more to learn (4x)

In moments of clarity I take my turn
Sharing knowledge and wisdom and all of my concerns
Tell you what I think based on everything I know
But theres always more to learn


All our books and all our histories
Gather like fruit as it falls from the tree
Endlessly encountering every mystery
From the atom to the sea


The Patron Saint
(w/ Brent Kirby)
You’re always there, when I need you
Right here, even when I don’t
I’ve felt the weight, like salt in the air
Heard your whisper, talking in my prayer

It ain’t straight line, that you put me on
You got me moving, where I belong

I remember, I was standing
In the lights, of oak and market street
I fell into, this moment so clear
I realized, the sun is shining through the rain
As I am much the same

It ain’t straight line, that you put me on
You got me moving, where I belong
Sometimes it’s not easy, to give what we take
Whatever happens, I am awake
Faith in fate, My Patron Saint

It ain’t straight line, that you put me on
You got me moving, where I belong
Sometimes it’s not easy, to give what we take
Whatever happens, I am awake
I believe, I’m awake
faith in fate, My Patron Saint

Echo Coming Home
(W/ Randi Driscoll)
Waiting for the spark to light
Running through the memories that keep me up at night
Looking for the words to write
Every time that East wind blows I close my eyes
It reminds me of you

From a million miles away I hear what you're saying
If the mountains don’t get in the way I hear what you're playing
If I close my eyes tonight can you hear me praying
Could you sing me to sleep in a dream is it real as it seems or is my echo coming home

Looking for another sign
Its not in the streets so I lay in the sheet just wasting time
Looking for the words to rhyme
I cant compete with the streams or the sunshine
It reminds me of you


Did you hear me calling        Did you call me home


When You Sit Still
(w/ Emma Shepard)
My heart fits               My home is
Wherever                   I lay my tracks on the road
My eyes fixed             The lock picked
This door                    Wasn’t shut after all

Ive been in frame       Up on your wall
And colors fade         When you sit still

All your wild ideas
Bursting with such color
But if you never leave
You’ll never know whats out there
So im busting out im busting outta here (2x)

No need                   to be patient
You’ve wasted           long enough
No need                   to keep distance
What you’ve wanted has opened your door

Ive been in a frame   up on your wall
Dust collects            when you forget


Maybe ill never know                                               
My heart  and my soul                               if you feel so restless
Maybe this is the wrong road                       maybe there's something behind it
But I've got to go                                       if you feel so restless
Maybe ill never know                                 if you are not sleeping
The source of it all                                     maybe there's something
Or anything at all                                       you need desperately to
But I've got to stay awake                             stay awake for

Chorus            (Busting out   4x)

Bridge (2x)

My heart fitz                but I'm used to it

(w/ Rachel Roberts)
Golden rivers through my soul
I've the heart of a bear
I'm trees and life
I'm everywhere
My brother mountain my sister air
My mother Earth my father swears
I was made for you I was made for you

I breathe your breath tho you curse me
Survive your fire tho it hurts me
I fall for your touch so tender
I fight for your love surrender

I speak to you through the wind
Sweet water from a cave
Love doesn’t keep
And Love doesn’t take
My brother ocean my sister sea
My mother Earth my father believes
You still love me you still love me

Hold on hold on hold on hold on
To the roots the roots the roots that shine over your shadow

Cool air come down
Leave your unrest
Springs of forgiveness
Always exist

Feather forest dreaming hills
I've the mind of a moon
Let my tide be your steps
Let me fix your regret
Braids of ivy flowers in my hair
You’ve been searching for what is right here
I was made for you I was saved for you

Chorus (2x)

Flower Child
(w/ Kristine Jackson)
I keep on waiting while the world slips on by
You’re hesitating waiting for a better time
But life is short and life is cruel I gotta get it while I can
I am always here to push you on your way again
I know you’re always there to send me on my way again

Don’t give up your flowers
(Child) keep singing for the powers to change

I don’t want to keep waiting as the world slips on by
You’ve been hesitating for far too long a time
The world is cruel and life is short I wanna get it while I can
I am always here to remind you why you began
I will remember why I began

Powers to change powers to change

So I’ll get up and I got to be strong 'cuz I got to be moving on
The best way to not give up is to keep moving on
The best way to not give up is to
Keep on keep on keep on keep on keep on

Don’t give up your powers
Keep singing for the flowers to change

Powers to change powers to change

Some Love
(w/ Charlie Trenta)

Its bubbling over
Everything in sight
I've been looking for healing
And a rest from the fight

So I’ve opened up your arms
And crawled inside
I've been looking for a feeling
One I cant deny

I'm on my way to a better place I've got my eyes on the road
So if you don’t mind will you let me stay help me soothe my soul
'Cuz I need some love                       to get me home

My souls gone under
Some cold cold spell
I've been waiting for a moment
To tip the scale


Take my hand                        take me away                        from my head
Lift me up       to show me I               can make waves of love
And healing

I'm on my way to a better place I've got the pedal through the floor
So if you don’t mind I’ll let you in we can run the course
'Cuz I need to know if love can grow in a life of thorns
I'm on my way             to find grace…

Peace by Piece
(w/ Courtney Cable)
Piece by piece I step outside
Glare of the sun lets everything hide

Burns to my bones breaks like waves to the sea
I close my eyes as it washes over me

I can see the future it’s not what it used to be
I can see the future it’s not what it used to be

Piece by piece I walk by your side
Content with the dreams clouding your eyes

Burns to my bones breaks like hearts in need
I close my eyes as it takes over me

I can see the future written in me
I can see the future written in me

I can see the future…

Piece by piece run til we collide run til we collide run til we collide

I can see the future of you and me

(w/ Maurice Martin of Winslow)

I find myself looking past what’s in front of me
Tho my eyes are open I wish I could tell you what I see

If there is a reason I can’t find
Surely it is in between the rhyme
But the lonely days make sober
All the dreams I couldn’t hold
And I wonder if they’re much too far for me to go

What do you do when you finally reach the bottom
Do you fall down on your knees & break what’s already broken
Or do you rise up beyond yourself & create a new horizon
Every dream cries to happen cries to happen anyway

It always seems to different when it’s you instead of them
When it’s your own bed you’ll find you have to lay in

Tho you’re standing still in your mind there is no pause fast forward or rewind


Every dream cries to happen (3x)
Cries to happen anyway

Not Really Falling At All
(w/ Emma Shepard)

Head first heart out
Breathe deep speak loud
Closed fist open arms
Fill with fire and move like water

Give wings to your fear watch it fly away
Give wings to your fear let it fly away

Times running be reckless
Build something just to wreck it
Green light open wider
Fill with fire now you’re getting brighter

Give wings to your fear watch it fly away
Give wings to your fear let it fly away

There is no ground that can stop me now
There is no ground that can slow me down
There is no ground so open your arms and fall
Open your arms and fall
'Cuz you’re not really falling at all

What would you do
If you know you had nothing to fall to
When you’re in the middle it feels a little different
Than looking from your window

Let free your fear open up that cage
Let free your fear it’s time you let them run away


La la la …

Fall … Let free your fear … fall

Chiropractor(w/ TM Gottl & Cameron Jones)
Met a man the other day,
he asked, "What's ailing you, my friend?
You look so down-and-out,
you'd think the world was gonna end."
"It's the problems of the world," I said,
"the problems of the nation:
I'm broke, my car just died,
and I got caught for tax evasion."
"Well listen here," he told me,
"Folks who dwell around these parts always carry off their troubles
to the doctor of all arts…"

The Chiropractor!…yeah yeah…
uses the funk to make you feel better!

So I called the doctor's number,
Made an appointment right that day.
Went and told him all my aches and pains
To see what he had to say
"Well your vertebrae they're lookin' fly, and your posture's ok too.
But the prognosis is pretty grim:
You ain't got the soul in you!
I'm prescribing extra dance time.
You see, movement is the key.
Don't be shy, Get on the floor!
The funk is what you need!"


After close evaluation
I've reached an interpretation
that your lower subluxation, has,
through osteo-creation,
 required a little extra funk
 for your spinal manipulation.

So you're out of wack, you ain't feelin fine
To kill some time you need to find a place to chill and unwindAnd not the bar types, clear it up, fog lightsWe got the remedy that'll make you feel alrightIts been all night, and you can't moveWe give that stank to ya, the funk thanks youIts not so painful once you step into the officeShoes stickin from leftover funk on the carpetThe first step, you start to feel itThe second step, your soul starts the healinAnd repeat, its useless if you use it lessThe truth is one visit and you'll feel the best I do confessIts proven best when the chills go up the spineRealigns you secretly building up your mindTeaching you to overcome, move the feet fasterYou heard it here first but who said it?CHIROPRACTOR!

Out at the disco
late on Saturday night,
now, when the music moves me,
all my troubles pass me by.
But while breaking out the hustle
I slipped a disk across the floor…
Flat on my back.  The music stopped.
Oh!  I ain't dancin' anymore!
They took me to the hospital, "Doctor, help! Emergency!"
I looked in the ER and who do I see?


(W/ Scott Franklin)

Magpie magpie a black maple leaf that’s learned to fly
Sitting back on a summer night pushing the moon across the sky
Magpie magpie I got dreams but you can fly
If we can sing like the summertime I know we’ll be alright

I come from places high and low         You come from places I can’t go
Where you’ve been I don’t know          Sometimes I wish I’m you
I was born beneath the trees                You have flown the seven seas
When the sun has set on me               You’re headed somewhere new

You sing the song                  I’ll tell your story


Ive got wings in my head                  You know things never said
Im a story you have read                  You seem so far away
Id like to turn the page & join the wind  Where tomorrow’s not today again
My tree is made of cement                          But we are much the same

You sing the song                  I’ll tell your story

Chorus / Solo

You have clouds and I have friends You have days that never end
I have love that holds me when                    The breeze is in your eyes

We were both born to sing                           Life sure is a mystery
Your heart may always be free                    Mine’s just glad to see you

You sing the song      I’ll tell your story
You sing the song      I’m in no hurry

Chorus (2x)

Trash & Treasure
(w/ Ryan Humbert)
All this trash & treasure, bringing poison pleasure,
It’s an age-old scheme, lacing your dreams,
It’s one less plan, for an empty man,
When you’ve lost you’re hold, running takes it’s toll.

Slow down, for a minute,
Slow down, until you make it home.
Slow down, for a minute,
We all make it home, We all make it home,
We all make it home.

You can beg & borrow, but you can’t buy tomorrow,
When you’ve had all you can stand, take a step again,
It’s just one more ghost, when the night takes hold,
You can learn to see, if you’re heart still beats.


Tear down, build up, what you break you can make again,
Tear down, build up
Tear down, build up, what you made you can save again,
Tear down. build up

All this trash & treasure, bringing pointless pleasure,
It’s an age old scheme, lacing your dreams.


Happiest sad song
(w/ David Ullman)

Throwing diamonds at the sky trying to outshine the moon
There's no time to reflect and never enough room (never enough room)
There's no easy fix and each time it gets worse
Getting harder and harder to write our next verse

You said you couldn’t find a happy song in all I've written for you
You said you wanted a happy song there were none that you knew
I guess the happiest sad song (happiest sad song’s) gonna have to do

You say sadness is surrender and sympathy is not love
But I believe in you and I am not giving up
Sometime faith is not enough you need what you can touch
Feel like you're always running and never catching up


Like a star in the sky that dies before the dawn
Even the brightest moon is overtaken by the sun
Trying to see in the dark the light that’s breaking through
I've been so proud of my pain now I've nothing left to prove

I'm just trying to add a happy song to all I've written for you
I'm just trying to sing a happy song this is the best I can do
I guess the happiest sad song (the happiest sad song’s)
Gonna have to do

Realization Song
(w/ Diana Chittester)

In a world sick with sadness
Where do I start
I could listen to the madness
Or I could listen to my heart

When its easier to follow      and so hard to stand alone

Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh make a change for the better
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh one voice can shatter
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh the lies that say you are not enough

Cried out for a solution
Someone to fix the broken things
I point in all directions
But this should start with me

When we seek to place blame        we’re just keeping everything the same


Not being able to do it all                    Look inside
Is no reason to fall                             Look inside yourself
Back from standing up                        Look inside yourself
In all that needs to be done                  Look inside
It all starts with one                            Look inside yourself
No voice is too small                          Look inside yourself

Ooh (2x)

(I say) you are enough
You are enough
You are enough

(W/ Colin John)

Everyday starts a new day
Another chance to love and be loved
Just as every step can lead to a new place
You’ve got the chance to make it right

Its heavy stuff to talk about love
And to try to change your ways
But it aint so hard as it seems today
Take one step and you're on your way

Be the change that you wanna see
Cuz only you can be what you can be
Be the change that you wanna see
Cuz it’s the dreamers who create reality

Every smile gives you a chance to shine
Every heart could use a little light
Just as every tear that is shed in pain
Can also in happiness rain

Its heavy stuff to talk about us
And to look past all the games
But it aint so hard as the grudge you keep
With a simple breath your hands can be clean


Whoa oh oh even if you don’t believe me
Whoa oh oh what it hurt to try
Whoa oh oh if we weren’t meant to soar
Oh oh oh there wouldn’t be a blue sky


(Scott Fetterolf)

Where the fish shiver and the kiwis quiver
Where the ice flows are flowin into land
I wanna go with you to Iceland it really is a nice land
Baby get your gloves and take me by the hand

Where the fjords are a-gleamin where the salmon are a-streamin
Where the language is so hard to understand
I wanna go with you to Iceland it really is a nice land
Baby get your gloves and take me by the hand

Ohh ooohh…

Where the midnight sun’s a-shinin where the babies are a-whinin
Where the freshest cleanest air is known to man
I wanna go with you to Iceland it really is a nice land
Baby get your gloves and take me by the hand

Where the blonde hair is a-showin where the poets are a-knowin
Where the raw fish can eaten from a can
I wanna go with you to Iceland it really is a nice land
Baby get your gloves and take me by the hand

Ohh ooohh…

Where the tundra’s a wonder where the steam heat bubbles under
And it blasts out to the heat pipes in the land
I wanna go with you to Iceland it really is a nice land
Baby get your gloves and take me by the hand

Where the fish shiver and the kiwis quiver
Where the ice flows are flowin into land
I wanna go with you to Iceland it really is a nice land
Baby get your gloves and take me by the hand
I wanna go with you to Iceland it really is a nice land
Baby get your gloves and take me by the hand

Ohh ooohh …