Monday, March 4, 2013

Unexpected Adventures

I've learned a number of things on the road over the last 15 years.

One of the biggies is this: always allow for unexpected adventures.

I used to tour along the East Coast, and I would always try to stop for random roadside attractions when they fit into an opening, or a free moment. This idea has been expanding ever since. Now, I actually route my tours by places I want to see and be. After several years of driving by Joshua Tree National Park, I finally added it into my schedule this last tour.

The opportunity to relax under a giant sky in a beautiful place is so refreshing. It mends and clears wounded and tired parts of us. We typically spin our wheels a million miles an hour and have a difficult time slowing down.

For many years, I grappled with the idea of personal time. Every waking minute was spent in my music, and taking any time for myself - to see a film, spend an afternoon in a forest, taking an evening to go to a yoga class - anything had to be triple justified. Whatever value I could have gotten from those experiences where often diminished anyway, as I would be thinking about music and feeling guilty for not working on it during the whole event.

Then something happened to me in the mountains.

I felt at home. Relaxed and perfect. Refreshed. Inspired. It all hit me how much I was wearing away of myself by not making personal time, and not growing the soul that cried to open its wings. Surly my music was being limited by my unhealthy attitude towards everything in my life aside from music.

As I allowed for more time to grow spiritually, my music has followed this path. It has grown and taken me into yoga studios and beautiful veggie fests.

I am still working on a balance, but living is an important aspect of life. My inspiration and connection to myself and the Divine has grown exponentially.

So, always leave the door open for an unexpected adventure.

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