Wednesday, April 28, 2010


"Everybody wants somebody to be their own piece of clay."

This song came on as I started writing this blog today. I've always really loved this song - it's my favourite Marvin Gaye tune (tied maybe with his version of Yesterday). It's true on every level. Especially in consideration with Marvin's rough relationship with his father, leading ultimately to Marvin's untimely death at the hands of his own father.

I like to think that instead of molding anyone, I can help them take a single step or maybe be a simple page in their diary. It's said that every breath any of us take lingers and circles the world for years. That, yes, the breath of Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Gandhi, John Lennon, have been takin in by us all. That on a molecular level, we share a lot with all of our fellow man.

I also think that Gandhi was right. We need to be the change we want to see in others, in the world. This is a constant process, an evolution. A change in consciousness, which doesn't usually happen overnight.

So to everyone struggling right now, have faith in yourself. You have the breath of Saints, sages, yogis, and gods within you.

And. On that note.

I watched a show last night about how we are descendants from aliens.

It was late night, and it was the History channel.

The basic thesis being that the improbability of DNA for life coming together in a mere 6 billion years is basically impossible. So the evidence mounted.

Drawings and art from ancient peoples. Sculptures depicting leaders/ Gods in outfits strikingly similar to our spacesuits. Drawings of leaders in these images that appeared to be spacecraft.

That all people's have origin myths saying that man came from the starts. All civilizations had gods that actually came to earth from the sky. (which could undoubtedly be taken numerous different figurative and literal ways).

And then a piece of martian debris landed on earth, and carbon deposits were there, which scientists decided were left behind from microbial life.

So, then the question: did life mean to come here, or was it sent here on purpose?

Did the Martians before their planet dried up send out life to the nearest inhabitable place? Or, were all these images of space people, simply us from the future.

Yes, us from the future.

Can i remind you, this is the History channel.

The answer: wormholes. Theoretical space phenomenon. If a future us found one of these, and learned to harness it, then they could travel all over the universe, and theoretically, back in time. To apparently give us (their ancestors) our religions and myths, that would undoubtedly then lead to them and their civilization.

I believe in a lot of things. Whose to say whats possible and what isn't? It's all theoretical anyway, and none of us will probably ever really know for sure. It just seems like a lot of work for questionable results.

It would be like us travelling back in time to when there was primitive man and the birthing of civilizations, and us giving them gods and religions. The same ones that we know they had. It would be a process of simply keeping the circle turning, no?

And with that... I realize...

I've been spending way too much time thinking about this.

This is why free time is bad for me.

Sing on Marvin! I've got to go and sing too!

PS- i love spellcheck. It suggested "salespeople" for "spacepeople."


Friday, April 23, 2010

Birthdya Bonanza!

Oh its a party!
Come one, come all!

The May air will be filled with the soul and funky tunes of me and my friends all night long! Lots of special guests will be there, and it will surely be a night to remember!

While the soul is groovin, so will the appetite be! It's a vegan pot luck, so you can bring your favorite vegan dish, snack, entre, dessert!

And with admission only a smile, I think its affordable, and very worth it!

Plus, check out some of the art and photography of some of my friends (and if you like it, it'll be for sale too)!

I hope to see you there to celebrate life and laughter, friendship and music with me!