Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Over the Weekend

The last four-five days have been flying by. And of course I forgot my laptop.

Wednesday and Thursday I journeyed out to Philadelphia. The mountains were dressed in the autumnal best, and the sun was grinning the whole way. I found myself in Philly because of the Shale Gas Outrage. They had asked me to be a part of their event and protest. Bill McKibben, Josh Fox, Doug Shields and more took the stage inspiring the crowd of 1,000 plus people. A few of my fellow Tour de Frackers made their way out also. It's always an inspiring time to be around folks motivated to stand up for justice and what is right. 

I just saw a study today that said nearly half of all folks that leased their lands for fracking regretted doing it.

Then the crowd and I sang I Want a Future Too and we marched through the streets of Philly. The rally was a little surreal, as we were set up in front of the Convention Center where the Oil and Gas industry was conspiring - i mean, meeting. Occasionally some of their folks would come to windows and look down on the crowd. 

After the march, there was a beautiful interfaith blessing of the waters service, followed by the after party, where I performed along with the great Freebo. For lunch I managed to get a yummy vegan chikin broccoli dish at an all veggie Asian restaurant in Chinatown. The folks that I met give me great hope that we can fight and win this battle. 

We just need the rest of us to wake up, stand up, and speak up!

Square fest.

The big highlight for me (aside from seeing many great friends and having a cinnamon roll from Ms Julies) was getting rained off the main stage and relocated into Annabell's upstairs. Though I've played the downstairs before, I'd not yet done the upstairs. Charlie and I had a blast doing the duo set. We don't get to do that as often as we used to. We met some awesome new fans from Canton and New Philly - who came all the up to the fest just to hear us! Plus, several folks danced through the aisle with me, and that always makes my day!

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