Thursday, September 6, 2012


Typically I get to see far less live music shows than I'd like.

So when it happens that I'm invited to see someone perform, and my evening is open, I go. 

Last night I went to see Jason Mraz and Christina Perri at Blossom. I haven't been to Blossom in a good 12 years or more. The evening turned out to be lovely.

Jason Mraz is a solid performer and he's got a great voice. His percussionist on this tour, which I think is a different percussionist that his last tours, is incredible! She was mind-blowing on their duet "You F-in Did It." And the sing-along ending of his latest single "You Are Not Alone" was a powerful end to the night. 

But I have to say that I think Christina Perri sort of stole the show. Her band was fantastically tight. The sound seemed to be a bit more dialed in for her set as well. Her drummer, Elmo, was a greatly inspired drummer. It was hard not to be impressed. I had never heard of her or her music before last night. Her voice reminded me of Lissie, and though I didn't hear that amazing hit-quality tune, she captivated the audience with her solo piano version of her big song "Jar of Hearts." Her voice was so powerful on that solo number, that she got a very impressive standing ovation by the entire audience, something I've never really seen for an opener.

A lovely night of music.

Here's a link to some Christina Perri (she sounded better with her band live):

And anyone not familiar with Jason Mraz:  

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