Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Back in 1999, as I was approaching the first election where I was eligible to vote, I found the Green Party. They are a worldwide party, with more representation oversees than in the US. Ralph Nader was their candidate then, and after hearing him speak a few times, I found myself very involved with the Green Party, even having the honor to perform at their state-wide convention.

They have always been close to my heart, though I have been more conventional in my recent voting ... for fear of the alternative.

This is an issue 3rd party candidates have been faced with since before the 2000 election.

Jill Stein is the candidate this year for President for the Greens. Check her out:

She spoke brilliantly about this fear, which she calls fear politics. Interestingly enough, this fear politics has brought us exactly what we were afraid of. Another good analogy she has is that both parties are like 2 sinking ships, and perhaps one is sinking faster, but they are both sinking.

Here is a video of Jill Stein.

Im not asking you to change your vote, or to even vote for her. But the more information we have, and the more we know, the stronger we can fight and make this democracy work for us all.

We are in desperate need of a cultural revolution. A sweeping revolution that says our main purpose in life is to help each other. Where we can say our biggest goal is not to be successful, but to be happy. Both political parties are seriously culturally and spiritually malnourished. It is refreshing to hear a voice of reason and hope, however small and shouted over it may be.

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  1. People have actually told me that voting my conscience is the wrong thing to do if it means that it will take votes away from "our side". I never bothered to ask that person which "side" they expected that I was on.