Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Western Road Pt 3

Another few days of adventures! I've been on a few longer hikes and drives during the last couple of days. Something my soul has desperately needed. Each day Im out here, i realize how much my soul needs the mountains. Each day this soothes me more and more as home.

This is from an area by the Gros Ventre Slide - a huge section of a mountainside that broke off, avalanched down, and obviously completely changed the landscape. But this area is so interesting because it has deep red rock hills, very unlie the rest of the teton area.

They have a few horse ranches in that section. This is a little colt that was romping around for the minute and a half before I snapped this shot.

The avalanche dammed up the Gros Ventre river and created Slide lake. They have since navigated some waters around, so the Gros Ventre still flows into Jackson, but this lake is gorgeous, especially at sunset.

You know that an area is huge when several bison look like dots on the hillside.

We are still in Wyoming however. In the National Forest, folks are allowed to bring guns. and hunt the critters (that move about from the national parks and just dont realize they're in the forst now...

Sleeping Indian is a very definable landmark in Jackson. I hope to climb it someday! I hear it's absolutely amazing!

The wildflowers are just now starting to bloom, and I imagine within the next week or so, they will be in full force. The mountain meadows have THE most lovely flowers. It is literally breath-taking sometimes. Not sure what this kind is called.

Ah - the Rocky Mountain Marmot. Posing for a good shot. Cute little buggars, indeed. There were lots during my Death canyon hike.

Waterfalls are all over the place. All of the canyons have dozens of them. And they're all brilliant. This is in death canyon. About 3 minutes after running into a Mama black bear and 2 cubs 10 feet from me on trail. She then sent her cubs up the nearest tree. They were tiny, maybe a foot and a half tall-ish. More than adorable. To watch bears climb a tree is a very moving sight. I dont know why, but it is!

The rain has been hanging around in the mountains. Making for wet hikes, but cool shots, and it really makes me feel like im in some sort of prehistoric land - some kind of Jurassic Park!

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