Monday, June 15, 2009

Agora / Metrosync

I was reading Cool Cleveland last week and came across some sad news. The Agora has come upon hard times (no big surprise after the Jigsaw incident) and is closing for the summer. The attached recording studio, Metrosync, has closed.

With my prior band I spent several nights playing the ballroom stage at the Agora, and I took in some great ska shows and The Black Keys in the theater. It is a really cool rock venue even thought it is a bit run down.

Metrosync was my first time in a studio (Charlie's too I think). We recorded a song there after getting to the finals at the High School Rockoff. Not the greatest cut, but it was a blast. Charlie laid down some killer arena drums almost knocking over a couple overhead mics, and then added some of the fun guitar sounds he is more known for. I remember the engineer telling us how rappers would call asking "y'all make beats?" Some great memories at 5000 Euclid Avenue.


  1. Oh holy ****. :( I can't even begin to tell you the awesomeness that I've experienced at the Agora.

    Closing for the summer... only, right? I mean, worst-case scenario????


  2. This is sad news! Good times recording at Metrosync! That was the site of my first and second recording sessions. Thanks Neil for reminding me of when I almost knocked over the overheads! I think I hit some of the rack mics a few times! ;o)


  3. It is sad news! I heard about it last week too. I recorded bits of Face with a View there - the drums exclusively. And the Agora - I saw Weird Al, Willie Nelson, Phantom Planet, Foo Fighters - much goodness. I remember during the Willie show the Exit sign randomly fell off the wall.

    Let's hope Cleveland can figure out how to support live music again...