Wednesday, June 10, 2009

another blog

just thought I'd post from behind the virtual drum set.

must be in a blogging mood - just posted new blogs on my woodshed myspace and personal myspace minutes ago. never have been good at regular posting, too busy too often.

lots happening in dominic's car (pt next to the xb), working on (bug-fixing the geek-code now) and spending some time getting the last details of my October wedding ironed out (undisclosed location to thwart the paparazzi.)

crazy busy day today at Woodshed (lots of big, amazing, huge things coming my way since I put it out there...) and life is good. had a great lunch-time meeting today and reconnected with another old friend as well.

reading a great book you should check out by Seth Godin - called The Dip. Great, quick NF read about balance, specialization (being #1) and pushing through the tough times (for a worthwhile goal.) Great.

Gotta much more to do.

What's your favorite new book? Post a comment. Pretty please???

- Dominic Tancredi
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  1. ...the internet schnarfuggles are eating comments...

    I just finished reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance! (I love the disclaimer at the beginning of the book that says it may not be very accurate about Zen Buddhism...or motorcycle maintenance--ha!)

    But it's a great road trip story that asks big questions and leaves you with much to think road trips often do, I think.

  2. I need to read Zen...

    I read The Goal recently for one of my classes. I wasn't excited about learning about lean, but the book was written as a fiction story with lean fundamentals woven into the story. VERY creative approach, I was really impressed. I actually ready it 2+ times over the semester, and it is one of the few books I'll be keeping. I book is 20+ years old, I'm surprised more business writers don't copy this approach. Worth reading if you are studying processes and procedures.