Monday, March 9, 2009


Yes, I Agree with Michael that Daylight savings time is a good thing.

It means Spring is coming, which right now, as I sit inside my Ohio home as the rain berates the house and the mercury falls some 20 degrees of today's temperatures alone, is very welcome.

Daylight savings time happened upon me where I was sitting at a picnic table in a backyard patio of a Neighbourhood bar (called Nachbar - or some such German word translating into "Neighbour") underneath an array of stars while the piano/drums duo's sounds filtered outside mingling with the smoke and the conversation of the crowd.

And I mean it when I say I love Louisville!

Any city whose slogan is "Keep Louisville Weird" is alright by me!

I'm not honestly sure what Louisville would be like everyday, but the times I have trounced in, I have not wished to leave so soon. They have a thriving arts community, an amazing First Friday Art Walk, cool clubs, Vegan food (more than Northeast Ohio for sure), and better weather!

1. Ramsi's. As always. You know, I have been tempted many times to just drive down there on an off day for dinner. The Seitan Parmesan sandwich is out of control amazing. And they have plantains too! I can't say enough good things about Ramsis.

2. 3rd Ave Cafe. Just found these folks this adventure. You walk in to a good-sized diner that has a N'Orleans kind of decor, and pics of Elvis all over. There is even a slightly spooky Elvis seated at the door as you come in. They have a quaint little patio on the sidewalk. And they have a lot to choose from! I had to order the Vegan Ruben, and was nothing less than thoroughly sated by it! The tempeh was Delicious and the sauerkraut tasted like it does after being cooked with Vegan Sausage (ie New Year's). At one point I actually welled up, and was nearly at that point a few times!

3. The Monkey Wrench. A great venue! Located across from Nitty Gritty, it's in a cool, hip area. Plus, it has a good stage, and decent sound system! Not to mention it is quite the area hangout! I had a blast performing there.

4. Bardstown Road. A funky road that houses the coolest places to go and shop in Louisville. Think Coventry or Highland Square but multiplied for a mile or more. Ramsi's is on this road, as is Ear-X-Tacy (an amazing CD/LP shop), a fantastic Book shop, the Guitar Emporium (oh if I only had an extra $750 lying around...), 2 breweries (including one which serves a sweet and tasty Meade on tap), a handful of vintage clothing stores and hippie shops. There is also a Smoothie King, Cafe 360 (lots o vegan stuff), and a slew of cool ethnic restaurants.

5. Amazing people!! People like my Super Hero Louisville Official Street Team Tzar, John Strizak!! People like Rebecca Simpson (who used to own Jenicca's with her sister Jennifer - and who was having her first art show at Regalo in the gorgeous Galt House Tower/Hotel right on the Ohio river!)

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  1. I just realized that they called it "Jennica's" for "Jennifer" and "Rebecca".

    Dur. :)

    The only thing that makes me sad about Louisville is that they don't have a poetry least, that we've found......