Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Louisville 3

After the show, and nearly falling down an escalator and finding an area of downtown Louisville that GPS could not find, we loaded up the van and went off to a club called Gerstle's. This was recommended by Rebecca, whose art show was where I played. Her friend's band, Hambone, was playing there. It was a nice-sized club with an interesting sound system, and advertised pool tables, though I never saw one...

Hambone was blues. Kind of Stevie Ray stuff, but more grit and pain than him. The bassist did the whole first set on an upright bass. Which was cool, though he didn't really ham it up. With an instrument that big, you have to be a little flashy, i think. But that could be just me.

I think the highlight was this song that turned out to be "I Like Toast and Jam" but Hambone changed a few lyrics. And the song became very very different. It made me think that someone could do very well for themselves taking children's songs and adding vulgarity and sex into them. You know you'd be interested in hearing that (once at least).

And then on break. They had a DJ - DJ Stymie. Who was a middle-aged guy with a straw cowboy hat and sunglasses. He started off playing hardcore metal (that was apparently local - which at least was the one redeeming factor). And then suddenly started playing soul and good music. (Not that that lasted too long, but was unexpected after the hardcore metal set). And the DJ music was almost twice as loud as the band, which should NEVER happen, in my opinion.

For me, blues gets really repetitive, and so we left and wandered the streets for a while. There were a few other clubs on that block. Plus, it was still like 70 degrees. So I wanted to soak up as much of that as I could.

The next club with music was an Irish pub. However the music was a jukebox, and it was rap. Gangsta rap. Not Irish even. So we continued on to this club with weird emo/cowboys on stage. They finished up their song and announced that their friend was coming up to sing some Willie Nelson. Intriguing.

And he looked like Willie.

And he sounded like Willie!

Wow. I was deeply impressed with this man. And he did Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground (one of Willie's best for my taste).

The night ended after the band got back up and tried to sing Dolly Parton.


The next day kicked off with a flash. We went off to 3rd Ave cafe. Hallelujah is all I can say about this place! It has a festive N'Orlean's style to the inside, though it's a glorified diner. I think I already wrote about this place, but I really loved it. Seriously I was choked up after reading over the menu. Vegans everywhere - go here!

Gonna have to go. Charlie and I are taping a cable TV show this afternoon which should be aired the week or so before the Release Show. (Which is April 25th and tickets can be ordered right NOW at