Monday, March 2, 2009

Cold cold cold

I love double-decker gig days. So, this Saturday, the last day of February, was a blast. (mostly)

The first show was a wonderful Cancer benefit held at Brandywine Ski Resort. I did it last year too, and it is always a nice time. I arrived as the Fret Daddies were still rocking there set. As I found Ryan and Ashley (the fine folks that booked me there), the Fret Daddies saw me and busted into an inpromptu version of "Distracted!"

Did I mention this was an outdoor show? Yes. It was. They had a tent set up, with a propane heater inside.

However, as I was setting up, I found out that the propane had run out during the last couple of songs in the Fret Daddies set. That, and the wind began kicking up, and blowing directly into the tent.

I was given a pair of "hot hands" which I clutched wildly in between each song for a minute or two. By the time the 2nd verse of a song would roll around, I could no longer feel my strumming hand, and just holding onto the pick became a major effort. About three-quarters into my set, they brought in a large outdoor heater (one of those kinds used by restaurants that have patios), which allowed me to be able to dance around a little, and only take a minute in between songs trying to thaw my fingers.

But it was a lot fun - regardless!
And from there, it was on to Hudson, and Marcelitto's.

This was my second time at Marcellito's. The first time was the end of December, and an all-around blast.

This time was even better.

Im not sure if it was because i was so happy to be warm. Or so excited to be able to actually feel what my fingers were playing, but something special was in the air. Something tangible.

And it brought out a wonderful show! One of the best and craziest solo shows I've done in a while. Lots of emotion all night. And I think that I have never done Purple Rain as well as it came out that night! I poured everything I had into the solo - i found myself playing things that were actually surprising me! I'm honestly not much of a lead player, so I'm always amazed when I can play something remotely close to what I hear in my head. Usually, I am a ways away from what I hear, but I got there several times (actually most of the night)!

Plus, there was a great crowd of support enjoying themselves. That really means a lot, and is deeply appreciated!

I hope that everyone brings such joy and love to the Northside! (hint hint hint!)

Welcome to March, by the way!

And if you haven't purchased any Trevor Hall yet, you should. I reccomend the songs Lime Tree, Venomous, and House of Cards (at the very least).

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  1. my fingers were saved many a time by those hand warmers back in the day, when i marched in parades in the winter...good times :)