Monday, March 9, 2009

Louisville 2

Day 1 in Louisville started off at Nitty Gritty. Nitty Gritty is a wonderful vintage clothes shop, with a whole room upstairs of men's clothes! Yes! There was a brown leisure suit hung upon the racks this time. I have never had the opportunity to actually purchase or get or be given an actual leisure suit (from the 70's). So I was intrigued. And tried it on. (I think there are some blackmail - or maybe Sear Mail-Order catalogue - pics on facebook). It was a size or so too big or else, I would have been wearing it that night for my set at Rebecca's art show at Regalo.

From there, I went on foot to hand out fliers for my Monkey Wrench show the following night. This inevitably took me to the Guitar Emporium, where I drooled at the Telecasters, Rickenbacker's, Orange amps, mandolins, electric sitars, and various effects pedals.

Hunger starting to play a role, I met up with my friends Angie and Theresa and had lunch at Lynn's Paradise Cafe - a brightly painted and hyper-eclectic cafe. They had a working mirror ball hanging, super cool lamps, pants made out of used tea bags and hanging from the ceiling, and crayons at all the tables. Attached to the front of the cafe is this shoppe that is like Big Fun (in Coventry), full over weird, silly, and goofy things, like a book called "How to Traumatize Your Children." Anyway, this place is a historic place, and very much a locals favourite. On top of all this, they had some good food! I got for the first time ever, a Portabello Burger. I have tasted one before that I did not like, but this was soft and juicy, and very tastetabulous.

Aside - I have had a thing about mushrooms for well, ever (up until about August, that is). They are fungi, and that is not something i felt we should be eating. It was a big deal to me, but i broke that wall down (with Korrin's help) and now actually can say that I like them. Very weird to be typing this and reading it back...

From there, we found out that Regalo has 2 locations and the one I was performing at was the one that no GPS could find. It was on S. 4th St, which was unknown to TomTom or Garmin. But we did find the place without too big a hassle. The hotel was swanky and had a revolving door, huge chandeliers, escalators, and a huge bar with the bar itself being a long fishbowl with real fish swimming back and forth.

I played a spirited set, with an uber-fonkay version of Bittersweet Symphony being one of my personal highlights. That, and nearly falling down the escalator after dancing too wildly on it!

More to come, but i am realizing i need sleep. Au revoir.


  1. embrace the fungi. they are your friends. they even have a happy name: fungi (fun guy) :D

  2. This is from Angela - for some reason Blogspot was not letting her comment!

    lol :)

    i didnt blog about day two but ya know, you wrote the couple days so well, i just want to link to your blog, in my blog and be like, read this... this is what/where/when for me last weekend :)

    my dad gives you 2 thumbs up on the brown leisure suit :)