Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cavs tonight, etc.

So this is my introductory blog as well.. I'm really excited to see how the Cavs fare tonight against the Magic. This will be one of their bigger tests and I'm sure that they're going to really miss Z not coming back tonight. Howard is a beast and the Cavs will need as many bodies as possible against him. I have a feeling that if they play great D and get their hands in the faces of all those great shooters we'll pull out a victory.

aardvark caterpillar

I just got the new Andrew Bird CD the other day and I've really enjoyed it. I got introduced to him when I saw him open for Wilco down in Columbus last October/November. I enjoyed his last album (Armchair Apocrypha) but after many many listenings it grew a little tired on me. Hopefully his new one won't do the same.

I was first able to hear the CD using NPR's music section. They have some great exclusive first listens for CD's coming out soon (M. Ward, Animal Collective, Springsteen, Andrew Bird). Plus they have some great archives from the World Cafe. I just listened to a recent show with Derek Trucks Band and I was really impressed. Derek Trucks is a phenomenal guitar player but I haven't really dug his band's stuff. That may have changed with his new CD. I may have to go check them out at the HOB when they come to Cleveland in a few weeks.

Check out NPR music.. It's worth your time.

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