Thursday, January 29, 2009

Back in the studio?

last night we had a band "business" meeting (traded our instruments for laptops/portfolios & wings/beer.) among other things, we learned how to spell "blog". okay, I'll go first.

so, tonight the band was due back into the studio (top secret Cleveland locale) to demo a new song or two we've been working on for future records. however, the new place doesn't seem to be ready to roll quite yet, due to some unforeseen technical difficulties. so, we'll reschedule.

"demoing" is a potentially cool way for us to record our musical thoughts so we can listen with fresh ears later on (ok, and an excuse to rock.) we'll probably be re-record it down the road once the song has had a chance to evolve (provided we've raised enough capital from the sale of our current/upcoming records...).

many, many new exciting things on the horizon...stay tuned!!

comment away......

- Dominic

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