Friday, May 29, 2009


Though the sun has not really come out since I've been here, I am certainly enjoying Philadelphia! My first show went wonderfully yesterday, as I rocked the room (and even wore a little bit of a hole in the carpet...)

Interesting note: The World cafe Live has hummus and other good things on its menu, but for the Convention lunch, it serves all meat sandwiches. But I was able to get some honeydew melon and a few tomoato slices, so I'm actually pretty happy about that.

Went to a Mexican restaurant last night. Took about an hour to get a burrito after I ordered it. It was a fun time though, chatting and hanging with new friends and interesting folk. Had some good cavs discussions waiting for the food. And they were playing Nirvana over the MUZAK and had the StrongMan competition on TV... but the burrito finally came, and I swear it was the size of an airline pillow. Yes. It was ok. It was a veggie burrito, and the portabellas in it were pretty tastey.

Much more adventures coming today. will write soon!


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