Thursday, May 21, 2009


So, we had a rather lively business meeting last night. In hindsight, the Winking Lizard on the night of Game 1 of the NBA Easterns wasn't the best plan...but the beers and cheers helped! Go Cavs...

BTW - Firestone "Stone Stock" 5/22/09 gig canceled, circumstances beyond our control.

...switching gears...we want to hear from YOU. We need your feedback to make this successful, so I'm posing a few questions here.


1. Do you have the new Zach album What I Meant To Say?

2. If so, what's your favorite track and why?


Today's the 21st. The 21st unique person to comment with answers to the above questions WINS A LIMITED EDITION ZACH MERCH PRIZE.

...go ahead, we'll wait here...

- Dominic


  1. I want a limited edition Zach merch prize! :-)

    So, i know i dont count, but I thought i'd like to chime in.

    Yes, i have the new record. (It's pretty good ;-)

    Having written all the songs, they all make me happy for different reasons, and some were captured better than others, etc.

    Having said that - Some Love is my favourite. Something about the mood of that song takes me deeper than some other songs.

    I feel like it came from a similar place that Manifest came out of. A place of truth and emotion. It feels a bit raw and is one of the most personal songs i've ever written.

    Working with Charlie on this song was so natural and easy. And the song sums up, i think, one of the main needs/functions of humanity: we're all looking for some love. each in our own ways. Each searching for it over our own fields of pain and excitment or past and dream. I know, in the end, all i really want is a piece of grace - some love.

  2. what if i am un-unique? will that still count in the ennumeration?

    Also, everyone will be waiting for post #20 before he or she

    moving onward.

    1. YES!

    2. [requires more philosophical thought than I am capable of at 3am...will post further when brain decides to be fully awake.]

  3. follow-up...

    2. What are you afraid of

    I thought long and hard about that. There are a LOT of good songs that I really love on this album. A Way Through, Runway, Some Love--all songs that espouse the beautiful unifying themes run through the album, in a way that, I think, touch on many levels. They can be heard on a specific and personal level, on a more universal-all-encompassing-of-humanity-level, even on a spiritual level. And great art--be it music, literature, painting, what have you--has that capability of touching nearly everyone who hears/sees it, while still touching each person in a completely unique, but equally relevant way.

    So I picked one song--What Are You Afraid Of. Why? For personal reasons, and the way that I, personally, relate to it. The first time I heard it live was about a year ago, right before I followed through on a major change that had been a long time coming. And the first line, "I think it's time, it's time for a change..."--dang, that hit me in the right spot...."If you wanna be free, you've got to believe in Love." And I capitalize that there because I don't think we're just talking about "love" with a lowercase "l". This is the big picture "Love". The have-faith-in-something-bigger-than-me, you, and-all-of-us "Love". Regardless of what you happen to call that thing that is bigger-than-us, it seems to be something based in Love.

    More than once, I've heard people ask if Zach is considered Christian rock. It's easy to see how some might hear that. Again, the music touches everyone in a different way. And is often, just what you needed to hear in that moment.

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