Saturday, May 23, 2009

Louisville in May

This will not be as pretty and eloquent as Michael's lovely blog. But I'll do my best.
Louisville is possibly my favourite city in the county. Possibly. It has the most restaurants per capita of any city in the country!
The day started in Columbus, where we hoped to get a Whole World Bakery lunch. However, they were closed on Monday's, and after a suggestion from the awesome employee at Rag-o-rama, we made our way to Benevolence Cafe. And to one of the best falafel sandwiches i have ever had! Plus, they had cookies that were nice and moist and quite tastey! If you find yourself in C-bus, go there. You will definitely enjoy!

Car dancing on the way to Louisville. We got in in time to wander around the block around Stevie Ray's where I was doing a featured act set. It was a beautiful evening in the high 60's, perfect for a little walk. We came across a little bike shoppe, that was luckily closed, as we may have bought a bike... however one place on the block was open - and open 24 hours - the sex shop! A huge sign hung in the window so proudly exclaiming their all night hours.

Stevie Rays was a cool place and a good show. Justin Lewis is a cool songwriter worth checking out ( The next morning, we made it to the continental breakfast at the Quality inn. Not for food really. I was in seach of some juice. Which they had. So i stood by the counter area with the muffins and waffles, etc drinking my juice and Jen her coffee. No one was around us, no one was looking to return to the food. Yet, a lady who worked there came roaring up to us saying "I cant let you stand there and eat. You have to sit down. You cant stand there." I had no idea there were rules of sitting while eating in Quality inns in Kentucky!

Blue Mountain Coffee and Wine Bar. A cool place. There was a little aquarium around the bar. And a wonderful crowd that night as well! (Thanks John!) Many new faces, many familiar faces, and many less CDs and t shirts to take home! After the show we went to John's building and shot billiards for a bit (something i have not done a little while).

Louisville is great beauce it has so many cool vintage and thrift shops. This one in particular had an old stero with these two knobs as the only adjustments. I want to add this category to my amp! "Yes, i need more loudness!" "Hmm. I think the loudness is a bit soft, yes?" I did get an awesome new hat. It has a feather in it. Oh yes!

Are you?

Heaven. ie Ramsis. Mmmm. Ramsis is the greatest restaurant in the world. Ever! I am certain, and not exaggerating at all. Their Parmesean Seitan panini is so fabulous, I am drolling uncontrolably right now. And they have Plantains!!! Plus, we tried their Roasted Veggie Panini, which was pretty equally good! Food is a huge reason i love Louisville! Besides Ramsis, there is 3rd Ave Cafe, which has so mnay good dishes including a Vegan Reuban, cheese grits (yes you heard me!), and mashed sweet potatoes. And there is Zen Garden, an amazing asian-style place with great vegan options. I cant forget Rays' Monkey House, a coffee shop that offers the best vegan cookies i mave ever had, and a grilled cheese and avacado sandwich! Mmm! Plus, their brewery, Cumberland Brews, has Great Lakes Brewery beers (weird) and Meade on tap! There is a place called Swan Dive, which looks amazing and offers Breakfast all day! (However they didn't open until 5pm, and are closed on Tuesdays, so not sure how that works... next time though).

Happy to be in the sunshine. So, for my birthday John's friend made me vegan birthday cupcakes! They were so good! Check them out (and my joy, and my hat! -

Louisville rocks cause it has things like this on it's streets. It's benches and bike racks are all kinda interesting. This is a dragon, possibly. Though not with a big beefy arm (trogdoooor!). Anyway, too much fun! can't wait to go back and rock out the Weird City!

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  1. mmm, columbus....and double mmmm to louisville......