Thursday, July 25, 2013


In late February, I sat down to write a song with a friend of mine named Emma for a duets project I was working on. She's an interesting singer/songwriter, a fan, and a friend. I was intrigued to see what our two styles blended together to form.

An hour later, we had a finished song.

A finished song that really blew us both away.

So we set up another day to write another song.

With the same results. This process happen another time or two, and we decided there was something to this collaboration. Something that deserved more time and energy.

A band.

Well, a duo.

The Poplars.

We've spent the last few months writing songs and beginning the process of recording our first release. It's been a wonderful process - very creative and refreshing. I'm excited for the world to hear it!

This Friday, the 26th, we take to the stage for the first time. With our 8 songs, smiles, and the energy of a sold out crowd, we'll be debuting at Arnie's Standing Room Only (1682 W. Market St, Akron) at 7pm. The show is open to the public, though room will be very tight (we upgraded this show from the sold out house concert planned originally). You can bring vegan snacks / party food. And there is a suggested donation of $10.

And we might have some thing to sell you as well - mementos of your experience.

Here's a video of our song Magical Things. Enjoy, and see you Friday!

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