Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My Favorite Yoga Studios (So Far)

Yogis, I love finding cool yoga places as I travel around the country. I'd like to highlight a few that I've had the joy of experiencing in the last 6 months. These are all places I intend on return as often as I am passing through their various towns. Feel free to add to this list is you have additional suggestions.

Blue Hen Yoga (Akron, OH) - Nancy and I are working on a yoga instruction and music CD. What I love about Nancy's class is that she talks a lot about the spiritual aspects of yoga, chakras, asanas, etc. https://www.facebook.com/blue.hen.yoga

Free Akron Yoga (Akron, OH) - Every Tuesday in the fall, winter, and spring. This group features a great rotation of instructors, and is FREE!

The Church on the Green (Hudson, OH) - Larry Turkle guides yoga on Wednesday nights, and he is my favorite instructor in NE Ohio, bringing humor, meditation, and a lot of good knowledge to the practice. Larry frequently says if you're not smiling in the pose, you're not getting the pose. It's a lesson that I've applied to all of my life.

World Peace Yoga (Cincinnati, OH) - I cannot love this place enough! And they're going to be opening an attached vegan restaurant sometime this year, too! Truly the full embodiment of what yoga and ahimsa are - total nonviolence. Great teachers here, not just in yoga, but also in life. And their pot lucks are out of this world! I've had some amazing and incredibly profound conversations with many folks involved with this place. What a gem to have in existence!

Purpose Yoga (Fairborn, OH) - Jessica and her fellow instructors do a fabulous job. They also have a Wine & Align event that is super fun.

Mandala Yoga (Portland, OR) - This studio is pretty incredible. It's one of my most favorite in the country. They offer so many styles and varieties of yoga. You can go multiple times a day, every day and get a huge variety of classes and meditations. I really learned most of what I know about Kundalini yoga here. It really opened up my practice immensely. If you go to Portland, and do not stop here, well, you're really missing something great.

Jai Rhythm Yoga (Ventura, CA) - Colin and Robb do a wonderful series of classes, and they just moved into a lovely new space inside the WAV (an ArtSpace project). They can get you a pretty advanced class, if you want one. They also host some great yoga and music on the beach events called Swell Jam, as well as a weekly class on the beach. Hard to top that!

Yoga Soup (Santa Barbara, CA) - I have only had one class here, with David Courtenay, but it was wonderful, and highly worth recommending.

Inversion Yoga (Jackson, WY) - They do a lot of hot yoga, which I've not officially experienced, though it was pretty hot in the room during the classes I was a part of. I learned a few new poses here I love and do regularly, like low boat. Jill Leblanc was a great instructor, and the class was pretty difficult, if you wanted it to be. The folks in Jackson are all pretty serious outdoorsy adventuresome folks, so their yoga can be on that side of the extreme spectrum. It was cool to experience, and I'm looking forward to hitting it up again when I return.

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