Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome to the New Year

We survived the end of the world.


And now 2013 has blown into town.

As an adult, I don't remember a new year bringing the amount of hope and possibility that this one carries with it. My favorite idea from the Mayan 2012 predictions was that this is the beginning of an age of compassion. This idea is powerful because if we believe that a new age has begun which will bring about great compassion, than it quite possibly will come to be. Reality is all about our own mindsets. Just believing in this new age is calling into being.

So that's where a lot of my giddy hope comes from.

We all look back to see where we've been, so that we can look forward to where we want to go.

2012 was a pretty interesting year:
- Recorded a CD with Colin John
- Played SXSW
- Toured ATL and Asheville
- Attended a moving service on the Anniversary of MLK's assassination in ATL
- Hiked in the Smokey Mtn National Park 
- Wrote, recorded "I Want a Future Too" about fracking (was featured on 350.org's page)
- Toured KC, Denver, Phoenix, Southern California, Sacramento, San Fransisco, Utah, Wyoming, Montana   
   in the summer
- Hiked in the Rocky Mountain National Park
- Stayed a night in Arches National Park
- My girlfriend, Courtney, finished her thesis and got her Masters in Arts Administration
- Wrote an amazing song with my friend, Randi Driscoll
- Hiked in Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks
- Had a photography show in Lakewood
- My bassist, Neil, got married
- Played Chicago Veggie Fest
- Underwent Kingian Nonviolence Training / Became Certified
- Played St Louis for the first time
- Participated in a 250 mile bike rally from Pittsburgh to DC to protest fracking 
- Performed on the National Lawn
- Performed for a big fracking protest rally in Philly
- Began recording a new Bright Lights CD
- Organized the 3rd Peace Week, the most successful yet
- Studied a week with Swami Shree Yogi Satyum
- Created an annual bike ride for Peace (Peace Riders)
- Performed at the World Peace and Yoga Jubilee
- The Akron Canton Airport used Upon Your Dreams in their marketing video (as well as me as an actor) 
- Performed for the 1st Vegan Thanksgiving at Pura Vida 
- Toured St Louis, Phoenix, Southern California, Utah, Wyoming (and heading to Portland) in the winter
- Recorded the song I wrote with Randi Driscoll in San Diego
- Snowshoed in Grand Teton National Park 
- My organist, Michael, had their 3rd child, Thomas
- Began the process for a very exciting CD I can't discuss yet
- Asked to have my photography be part an upcoming show at Malone College
- Met so many wonderful folks
- Was inspired by so many wonderful folks, music, books, nature
- Cultivated some nonviolence in myself and the community
- Had a lot of delicious food!
- Played over 220 shows
- I woke up every morning

Not a bad year, indeed. And this is just a small list off the top of my head. 

We are all so blessed. A good idea was passed along to me through the Peace Project Facebook page, which is this: take a jar and write down all the good things that happen throughout the year. Big good things, small good things. And at the end of the year, look them over. 

Id already have several for that 2013 jar, and we're only a few hours in! 

Looking forward. Things that as of today I am excited to bring to fruition:
- Releasing a Bright Lights Record, the Colin John CD, and at least 1 other CD
- Expanding my practices of yoga and meditation
- Undergoing Transcendental Meditation
- Creating an amazing 4th Peace Week, including the Peace Ride and a huge Interfaith ceremony
- Touring the West in May/June
- Performing for many peace, animal rights, vegan/veggie/ yoga/meditation/spiritual events
- Returning to NYC, ST Louis, Chicago, Louisville, ATL, Asheville, Portland
- Cultivating more nonviolence in my self, and community
- Spending time in nature and mountains
- Becoming inspired by more wonderful people and music
- Bringing meditation to more folks
- Bringing my music and message to many folks
And so much more. everyday is a journey, an adventure. Every breath is grateful.

Be the Change.

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