Monday, January 28, 2013

Some Encouragement

Three things to keep in mind when making the vegan life change:

1. You can do it!
You can do anything, and this is a task you have the strength to undergo. Take those first steps, and if the going is tough, keep focusing on each little step. You always have people to turn to for help and encouragement. Even if your family or friends are not as supportive as they should be, there is a wonderful community of veg folks who would be happy to mentor you.

2. Eat a variety.
One of the common problems people have with vegan and vegetarianism is when they dont eat a variety of veggies and grains. Yes, there is vegan junk food. I mean, Oreos are technically vegan. Soups are a great way to get a lot of nutrients, fairly easily. Fresh veggies are all around, and there are some wonderful winter farmer's markets still roaring all across the country.

3. Your change is changing the world!
Yes, it's true the steps you are taking right now are making an overall difference in the world. You might not see it; it might not be overly apparent, but it is true. The small steps we each make add up to a large wave of compassion that changes the lives of others close and far away.

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