Friday, March 9, 2012


After hearing about this music festival in Austin, Texas for most of my career, I have been asked to perform this year as part of Veronica's House Concerts' Sweet Spot Series Showcase! (that's a mouthful , i know!)

As most cool opportunities arise, this one was last minute. The first 3 months of the year, I spend planning and booking my summer and fall tours. So, my mind was on June-August - budgeting, booking, creating venues and opportunities in the Western US. And then I got a call about performing at SXSW.

Next week.

There's a lot to organize for such a festival performance. CDs, business cards, merch, travel, etc.

So, i started up this page if you'd like to help with my costs so that I can afford to make this opportunity happen:

The excitement for this event is bubbling over. I'm not usually excited about going to or through Texas, but this is the 8th most Vegetarian Friendly City in the US. Plus, I will be carpooling down and flying back. The carpooling event will be fun; it's me and 2 other musicians. The flight back is a something that gives me a little pause. Flying with my guitar has been the subject of nightmares for years. This will be my inaugural flight with my guitar, so I'll need all our your prayers.

The funny part is that I have no fear of the flying itself, just what airline personnel like to do with guitars ...

But I'm sure it will be fine.

(knocking on wood ... )

At the moment I am swamped with amazing proposals that I am writing for the Akron Peace Project and a truly fulfilling and euphoric idea dealing with my tour for next year. This is quite an exciting time!

Smile often.


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