Tuesday, March 20, 2012


All the cliches run through my head this time of year. It's hard for them not to. As tired and worn as they are, they hold truth. And in the sunshine, they all sound so right on.

There is no better time of year. The sun calls us out of our winter hibernation; the birds sing brilliant songs for us in their joy, and Nature begins flowers in all its pastels and watercolours.

The frogs croak and romp in the ponds.

The bears yawn, and come looking for dandelions and ants.

The trees reach out to me in greeting. And everyone feels like they are 12 again.

Though I think of the mountains on most days, this sunshine gives me a reprieve on the longing, and becomes my dance partner, as we teach each other new dances and new beats.

What am I sitting here at a computer for?

The day beckons. Life calls. My soul yearns for the enlightenment of a forest, or at the very least a stand of trees.

So if you hear some whistling and see the trees swaying, know the party has started. You are invited.

I hope you join us!

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