Friday, December 4, 2009

... That Being Said ...

Liner Notes for the 10th Zach release - the EP entitled "... That Being Said ..."

1. This Is What It Is (To Be Loved)
2. Bobby
3. Violet
4. Ever After (Live in Cuyahoaga Falls)
5. Life Reprise (Live in Cuyahaga Falls)

All songs written by Zach Friedhof 2008/2009 ZEF Music/ BMI.
(c) (P) 2009 Buffalo ZEF Records.

Zach is:
Zach - vocals, electric guitars
Charlie Trenta - electric guitars, backing vocals
Neil Keating - bass, backing vocals on Ever After
Michael Marotta - keys, organ, noises
Brandon Austin - drums on Violet

with guests:
Dominic Tancredi - drums on songs 1,2,4,5
Nolan and the Plunketts - horns on 4,5
Cameron Jones - beat box on Life Reprise

Songs 1-2 recorded at Lava Room Studios in Cleveland. Engineered by Thom Pope. Mixed by Thom Pope and Mike Brown. Mastered by Mike Brown/ Michael Marotta.

Violet was recorded at UHF Studios in Cleveland. Mixed by Chris Maneri. Mastered by Michael Marotta.

Songs 4-5 recorded live at Cuyahoga Falls High School Auditorium April 25, 2009. Recorded by Chris Pepe w/ Clean Gold Audio. Front of house engineer was Charles Korecki. Mixed by Chris Pepe and Zach. Mastered by Michael Marotta.

This Is what It Is:
I wrote this song during a summer whilst in love. What more can one hope for than to be someone else's highlight? Anyway, being love is all about giving love.

I became deeply inspired by Bobby Kennedy's life, words, and dreams. He was a brilliant man really making a difference on so many levels. I think this world would be a at least a slightly better place if he were still with us. I also got very interested in the Obama campaign and noticed a lot of similarities between the two men, their thoughts, and campaigns. This song was actually written the morning Obama won the election, after celebrating for several hours in Akron with a diverse and all equally emotional crowd of folks.

I nearly died writing this song. One of my oldest and dearest friends, Cory Farinacci had a daughter in May. She was the first of my really close circle of friends to have a child, and I wrote this song for her and her daughter, Violet. I'd like to mention that I also dedicated this song to my keyboardist, Michael, who had a son, Oliver, last Chirstmas. I was really nervous to write a song like this - the chances of it being cheesey were so high! But during my summer Western tour, while driving through the Nevada dessert, this song came to me. I sang and hummed as I drove, realizing that I'd need to pull over to finish this song. I waited patiently for the next rest stop, which wasn't coming. In a panic, after nearly an hour, i finally reached an exit. Pulling off, i got out my guitar and went to work flushing out the rest of the song. It was 107 degrees in the shade, and I'm sure warmer inside my stopped van. I knew I didn't have much time. Luckily inspiration hit and the muses guided me through it quickly. Dripping with sweat and nearly passing out, i finished the song. Im very happy with how this song came out. The first rehearsal with the band for this song produced nearly the end result. Charlie found that beautiful soaring line, Brandon found the power of the beat and the samba-like ending, and the rest is a sort of history.

4. Ever After (Live in Cuyahoga Falls):
All I can say about this is "Horns." Thanks Nolan and the Plunketts!

5. Life Reprise (Live in Cuyahoag Falls):
Our good friend Cameron comes up from time to time and dazzles with his beat boxing. This section of the song was a free-for-all party. A good thrid of the audience had danced up onstage and were packed around us, and the mood was soaring. This is, for me, a little taste of the atmosphere and unpredictability of our live shows.

Tha band. First and foremost. Charlie, Neil, Michael, Brandon, and Dom. Y'all put some time in over the last few months making this happen. UHF studios for really working with us to record Violet. Thom Pope for doing a fine job with us on This is What It Is and Bobby (plus he orchestrated the strings for that tune). Chris Pepe for recording the live material and the time spent mixing them down. All the fans. You make it possible. Jesus, Buddha, Moses, and Gorrunga. Aum.

Let's all go where there's no more you and me. No they and we. Only unity.

Let's manifest ourselves in exquisitness every chance we get.

We always have a chance.



  1. You forgot the exclamation point after "Horns!"

    and...really? It's called UHF studios? ha!

  2. yes it's called UHF. it stands for "Uncanny House of Fun". hopefully we'll be recording some more tunes there soon.