Friday, December 4, 2009

A New EP and More!!

We have released for the Holidays a few new exciting items!!

1. A brand new EP! Called ... That Being Said ... it features 5 unreleased songs both studio and live, and a must-have for your ultimate Zach collection! It's only $5! Track list is This is What it Is (To Be Loved), Bobby, Violet, Ever After (live), Life Reprise (Live).

2. A beautiful green hoodie! It's soft and comfortable and has a gorgeous deisgn on it. I'm not good brag, but it's pretty awesome indeed! And it's only $15!

3. Tickets for the Civic Theater. These are going fast, but still on sale! $25. This get you:
- A mind-blowing, soul-expanding show
- Open bar all night
- Tour of the Civic
- A limited edition CD only available to the folks that buy these tickets
- Light appetizers
- And possibly a dish home made by me for all the folks that buy tickets!
That's quite a deal! And they will be sold out by Christmas, so you need to get them now!! They're at all my shows, and online at:

By the way, all these items, along with my 2 CDs (What I Meant to Say and Lost + Found) make wonderful holiday gifts!!

See you soon!

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