Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Autumn is possibly my favourite season. True, little can match the joy the new growth and glorious greens of Spring. Not to mention that inner exuberance at the fact that the layers of winter coats are able to be put away! But fall has such beauty. The leaves turn the world into a glorious palate of every hue of orange and red. They blow about the yards and roads and bring me happy memories of backyard football as a kid.

And there is pumpkin pie everywhere! Pumpkin everywhere! Mmm!

As a kid, autumn always held the agony of back to school. But somehow that didn't really ruin the season for me.

And Thanksgiving and Halloween both fall within fall's purview.

This year, however there does come a hint of sadness on the breeze. The voice of winter in singing in the distance. And i can hear it this year already.

The last 2 winters have been exceptionally cold and long. I'm not sure if it has honestly been that way, or if my perception has shifted. Don't get me wrong, i love winter until Jan 2nd and then i want Spring again. And waiting until nearly June to get it is unbearable.

My dream is to live in Jackson, Wyoming. One of the largest downsides to that for me is their very cold and long winters that start by the beginning of October and last well through May. But I think i could handle that. Somehow. There is such beauty there everywhere. Here, in Ohio, there is beauty too, but it is heavily muffled and choked away from view. Especially during the long sunless drab suffocation of winter.

Everyday I wake up to the fact that I need mountains in my life. Mountains. And meadows. And alpine lakes. And bears. And sunlight. (that helps too). None of these things are in Ohio.

Such are the thoughts that wrap me up today as I sit in a sweater looking out a window into the rain and wind and changing constellations of seasons. Maybe I just need some soup.

Or a nap.

Or love.

Even my guitar wanted its privacy today.

In a distant room I hear the Staple Singers telling me: "Come Go With Me."

Yet i have bills to pay. Gigs to hunt down. Tours to plan. Marketing to scatter. Sales to sniff out like a bird dog.

But i have no smell.

And what I wouldn't give for a mountain.

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  1. ...always the bears...but that's another story for another day.

    It makes my heart ache whenever you talk about being out west. As long as I can remember, I've wanted to go out there, go to the mountains, see the places where everything is big and wild and a magnifier of the divine. So many of my friends over the years have been out there, in the mountains. For years and years I've wanted to go.

    It's like homesickness for a place I've never been.