Sunday, July 12, 2009

River Rockin!

Rockin on the River is an event that has always been nothing but fun for us. I have graced that stage some 4 times or so now. This Friday, we had perfect weather - not too warm, not too cold, and no rain!

An early highlight for me was while I was loading my gear in, a bicyclist happened to ride by while I was at my van. And that bicyclist turned out to be Karla from Jimmy's Cafe! It was fantastic to see her and to hear she's doing very well!

The Coldplayers were the headliners - nice Canadian folks who perform Coldplay's music.

This show was different for us because we put in a lot of Lost and FOund material - stuff we've been working on but hadn't really played much. And it's starting to take life and grow and meld into the rest of the show. On Your Own was a highlight of these tunes for all of us.

Neil - Joe Cool.

I love the stages surrounded by greenery. It is much more peacful and centering as an artist and as a concert-goer. The Warren Amphitheater was very green and flowery too.

Charlie melting a few faces.

Extra-thanks to the sales crew at the merch booth! They did a wonderful job! Thanks Phil, Lisa, and my mom!

It was a nice crowd - some 4,500 or so. Mostly attentive and rockin folks! Lots of seat dancing too.

And dancers! Yay! A whole crew of by the stage dancers!

My grandma came out and was dancing up a storm! Singing along to every song as well!

Thanks to Marilyn as well - part of the sales crew!

After the show, the band met fans and signed autographs. This is always such a wonderful time! Talking to people who really enjoyed the show and seeing their joy makes it all worthwhile!

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  1. Great photos. Agree, green backdrop is pretty sweet.