Monday, July 13, 2009

More Iowa

First of all - the following pics are courtesy of Mr. Neil (Joe Cool).
Charlie seranading us as we loaded the van to leave Ohio.

Michael helping to fit things in. A sort of real-life tetris...

And we're ready to go!

Charlie continued to searande us after we finished loading everything.

And then the melodica came out! I think they're finding an "A" here. Or Charlie is playing Bon Jovi...

There wasn't tons of leg room in the van. Dominic crammed himself in the footspace in an attempt to get more comfortable.

Ah - the Mighty Mississippi at dawn!

The John Deere Museum and Pavillion was directly across from our awesome Radisson hotel.

Good to go!

And then in for the continental breakfast. Dominic exaggerating the bite and the sausage and gravy in this biscuit.

Next up - a pool-side nap.

This was on the way to the show later. Neil was pumped.

These are the big toys folks got to play with! Digging in the dirt with these crazy huge things was awesome to watch!

On to the afterparty at Bent River Brewery. Darts were happening behind me.

Charlie posing by the tire of the van. Not quite as big as the tractor Neil was next to, but close...

Speaking of close... Cheer up Dominic - we're headed to Iowa!

After the eternal endlessness of getting to and out of Davenport, IA, we ventured to Chicago, where we had some pizza (and a salad for me) at Gino's east in Naperville.
Elvis just happened to drop by.

The sunset off the roof of the van while we sat in stopped traffic on the Indiana turnpike. It is fun to sit on the tunrpike - you dont get to do it that often!

So we made the most of the situation - impromptu jam of Runway (and many other of the hits).

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  1. Never doubt the real-life skills learned while playing tetris...