Monday, April 27, 2009

Release show

All these photos were taken by the great Bruce Hicks.
Thanks Bruce!
The magical encore finale! Dancers, beat box, horns, and the leap!

Charlie was rocking out to a degree unachieved before in the history of mankind. So many faces were melted by his six-string wizardry, that the janitors are gonna be cleaning up that auditorium for at least 3 weeks.

Wireless. Such a great invention!

Action shot. Having fun!

So i dont knwo about you, but i've never felt an energy like that one that night before. It was beautiful!

Mr. Neil Keating. He was crazy hanging in with Cameron and I during the "jumping" section in the encore!

The big bird rockin out!

Michael was an his A+ game all night. Rockin the organ and synth! Mmm! And Paper Dreams was fantastic! Truly.

Dominic was rockin hard too! Risers are so nice!

More Charlie!

What a night! There was so much dancing, i got comments and emails about how sore folks were on Sunday! Now THAT is the best kind of dancing!
Thank you.

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