Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl Champion Steelers!!

There's not really else much to say.  It was a great game and a fantabulous season.  The only little anecdote I can offer was the parallel in my life between Oliver and I.  When I was first born back in 1979 I was able to spend my first few weeks rooting for the Steelers and was just a few weeks old when the Steelers won the last of their 4 Super Bowls in the 70's.  

So when little Oliver was born on my birthday 29 years later he was able to relive the same events and watch his Steelers win the Super Bowl.  A friend of mine made sure that he was outfitted with all of the proper Steelers attire prior to the playoffs.  Last night, he was only really awake through the first quarter but apparently what he watched satisfied him enough to sleep in both my arms through the third quarter and Erin's arms in the 4th. 

A great night all around.


  1. Yeah Steelers! I have relatives in the Pittsburgh area who are extreemly happy! Plus, it was a good game from what I hear, which is always nice.

  2. Um...we're from North East OHIO!!! We root AGAINST the Steelers. You're in Browns territory!!!

    As for the Super Bowl, it was clear that the Steelers cheated. The Cards had it all the way, and then Santonio Holmes actually CAUGHT the ball. Clearly a rules violation and an immoral act, as though playing for Pittsburgh wasn't enough.

    It was an exciting game. My wife actually yelled at me for getting too excited and keeping our son up late.