Friday, February 20, 2009

NYC and Mythology

NYC is always one of those places that breathes some life into you. Maybe not the soul-filling breath of the western Mountains, but a buzz of life nonetheless. And it is a place i love to be. This was my first time in NYC not actually performing. It was all meetings, mostly. All of which went very well, by the way. But in my travels about the city, I got to experience some wonderful things. Things like the largest used book store in the WORLD! We're talking some 5 floors of used books... Yes. I think I could go bakc and spend a weekend just going there!

Things like Kate's Joint, an awesome, funky, little dive Vegan restaurant in the East Village - they make most of their own non-meats (and are known for their veggie burgers). I had a Super Vegi-Burger (a pretty thick patty, actually), topped with this amazing sause I can only describe as a Vegan Raising Cane's sause, and mashed yams. It wa sa wonderful hole-in-the-wall kind of place that you'd only know about if you were looking for it. And the same goes for ? Cafe Express off of 7th Ave in Midtown. They had THE most amazing Falafal and Hummus pita sandwich wrap I have ever had! So tasty. And I don't think it had anything to do with me walking 60 some blocks lugging a nearly 10 pound bag.

Things like the Brazilian Consollate.

A random encounter with Padre Pio (thanks, Dad.)

And snow, big fluffy flakes in NYC. Big, fluffy, movie-quality flakes drifting down on the dozens of people manoevering through the cold streets.

And of course some very cool and surreal moments at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

On the drive up, I put in an audiobook called Joseph Cambell and the Power of Myth. It is a 6-disc series of talks between Joseph Cambpell and Bill Moyers. Each disc is a separate topic, yet builds upon the last in one way or another. Quite a brilliant and interesting work. I highly reccomend it. Joseph Cambpell was the preeminant voice about mythology. And he communicated it perfectly and clearly in this account. An obvious highlight for me was him calling Artists the modern mythmakers.

I saw a place for rent in a sketchy path in the East Village. The sign said "1,000 sq. ft. Only $4,500/mo." So, who's moving with me? :-)


  1. :-)

    Glad you had a good trip. I love New York.

  2. It's hard to imagine not loving NYC! :-)

  3. We need to discuss Joe Campbell!!!

  4. Yes, we should! Brilliant man. Have you read/heard his work the Power of Myth - it is basically an interview in 6 parts. Beautifully done!

  5. The Power of Myth is one of those books that influences how I read just about everything anymore. Good stuff.