Thursday, September 5, 2013

CD Updates


Is out and available!! You can get it physically at shows, Time Traveler CDs in Cuyahoga Falls, and by emailing me at You can get it digitally anywhere music is available. I prefer Itunes and CDBaby -

All proceeds from this record go to creating a fund to help Akron area non-profits create programs to educate and inspire nonviolence. The legacy of our arts community to create a peaceful place is the goal.

This record features Rachel Roberts, Ryan Humbert, Maurice Martin (of Winslow), Kristine Jackson, David Ullman, Emma Shepard, Randi Driscoll, Diana Chittester, Scott Franklin, Courtney Cable, Colin John, Brent Kirby, Charlie Mosbrook, Charlie Trenta, and TM Gottl. Find out more at


Magical Things is in pre-production. We have been scheduling out recording in October, and we hope to release it in time for the holidays. We've been performing these songs during our shows and will continue to do so. Emma and I are excited for this project to reach world-wide release.


The band has been working on this record for a while, and we have over 14 songs in the running to make the cut. Im excited about the direction we've headed in the songs and production. You're gonna love it! Plus it'll be great to have songs like Hymn and Beats Louder Than Sounds and Plants out and available to y'all! We're wrapping up recording this month, and are looking for a late fall release.

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