Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lyrics to A Conversation Runs Two Ways

A conversation runs two ways (a late night open letter)
(c) 2009 ZEF Music/ BMI

Well this might be the longest night
In the history of all mankind
I try to sleep but my mind stutters
Nothing can curb my mind’s endless thunder

So all that’s left is you
No one else to turn to
Im not used to this
Maybe I should just let it rip

Don’t ya see the tears I cry
Didn’t ya know she is my life
You could give me everything I need
Why wont you send her love back to me
Back to me back to me

Don’t you tell me about the long run
Some distant path im not yet on
I cant see past my fingers
Where she always seems to linger

(just gotta have her) Love

Why do ya show me a love so pure
Tp rip it out and throw it on the floor
Don’t wanna hear about some mystic plan
No other woman’s better than my Jen


Gotta have her Love...

And why must I ask this every night?

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